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Self-Study Package: Master Intuition and Mediumship Anywhere, Anytime

Unlock Your Spiritual Potential with Three Comprehensive Self-Paced Courses



Courses Included in the Package:

  • Intuition Amplified Course: Develop your intuitive abilities to perceive and interpret energy with greater accuracy.


  • Intuit Psychic Course: Learn how to connect with Spirit and deliver readings without the use of traditional tools.


  • The Eternal Soul Course: Advance your skills in mediumship for deeper spiritual connections.




Package Features:

  • Comprehensive Written Content: Dive deep into each subject with detailed course materials designed for self-paced learning.


  • Audio and Video Tutorials: Access a variety of multimedia tutorials to enhance your understanding and retention of course topics.


  • Guided Meditations: Utilize meditation practices tailored to enhance your spiritual connection and psychic abilities.


  • Workbooks and Downloadable Handouts: Reinforce your learning with practical exercises and reference materials.


  • Support via Private Facebook Group: Connect with a community of like-minded learners to share insights and gain additional support.




This self-study package does not include coaching, email support, or certificates of completion.




Benefits of Self-Study:

  • Flexibility: Learn at your own pace and on your own schedule, ideal for balancing personal and professional commitments.


  • Focused Learning: Control your study sessions by revisiting complex topics as needed, ensuring you fully understand each aspect of your spiritual development.


  • Community Support: Although it’s self-study, you're not alone. Engage with the community in the Facebook group to enhance your learning experience and connect with our Master Teacher, Bronwyn Jane.




Ready to Start Your Journey?

Take control of your spiritual education with our comprehensive self-study package.


Enroll now and begin your training in intuition and mediumship at your convenience!




Start anytime - Complete anywhere - Global Access!





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Psychic Course Package

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