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The Bespoke Psychic: A Guide To Discovering Your Niche

As psychics and mediums, we understand that the journey towards mastery should be as unique as the individual themselves. Welcome to the world of the bespoke psychic, where the exploration of your distinct reading style takes center stage, guided by insights from our specialized course, 'The Bespoke Psychic.'

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So, what does 'Bespoke Psychic' mean? Coined with the creation of our course, it signifies a practitioner with a customized and finely-tuned intuitive style, crafted to match their unique abilities and preferences. 'The Bespoke Psychic' rejects a one-size-fits-all approach, encouraging individuals to explore and develop their psychic abilities in a way that resonates with their strengths. This term underscores the personalized nature of each individual's psychic journey. Let's explore these tips to discover your niche reading style!

It Starts With Experimenting

Engaging in experimentation is a fundamental step on the path to discovering your niche reading style. By immersing yourself in various reading techniques, such as tarot cards, aura readings, numerology, and other modalities, you open the door to a profound exploration of your intuitive capacities. Here's why experimenting with different techniques will not only help you find your unique style but also enrich your readings:

  • Adapting to an Evolving Landscape: Our world is in a perpetual state of growth and evolution, and our clientele is evolving alongside it. As the mainstream and scientific community delves deeper into our practices, a broader audience will follow suit, leading to increased interest and exploration of all aspects of the work we do.

  • Standing Out in a Competitive Field: Clients are increasingly seeking practitioners who offer a comprehensive and personalized approach. By diversifying your skills, you become a sought-after professional, capable of providing unique and tailored readings that resonate deeply with your audience.

  • Enhancing Personal Connection: As you explore various techniques, you not only refine your skills but also uncover the methods that align most authentically with your intuitive strengths. This personalization not only distinguishes you in a competitive field but also fosters a stronger, more meaningful connection with your clients, making your readings truly memorable and impactful.

Experimentation is not merely about mastering different tools or techniques but understanding which resonates most naturally with your unique abilities. It invites you to gauge your comfort and connection with each method, providing invaluable insights into the styles that evoke a deeper sense of familiarity and resonance.

Highly Sought-After Reading Techniques

We know that in developing your niche, experimentation is key. While various modalities await your exploration, we're delving into some of the most highly sought-after reading styles and techniques that promise to elevate your practice. Each modality is a gateway, unlocking profound insights about the human experience:

  1. Aura Readings: Delve into the intricate energy fields surrounding individuals, interpreting their emotional and spiritual states.

  2. Numerology: Explore the mystical significance of numbers, linking them to personal characteristics and life events.

  3. Spirit Guide Readings: Connect with your or someone else's guides to provide profound and insightful readings.

  4. Soul Readings: Dive into the essence of an individual's being, providing profound insights into their core self, and discover how to provide uplifting and emotionally healing soul readings.

  5. Akashic Records Readings: Access the Akashic Records to explore a person's past, present, and potential future experiences.

  6. Psychic Detection Readings: Develop the ability to uncover hidden information, solve mysteries, or gain insights into specific situations.

  7. Pet Mediumship: Reunite loved pets. Learn to communicate with animal spirits, offering guidance and understanding.

  8. Forensic Mediumship: Apply your mediumship abilities to ethically aid investigations and uncover previously hidden information.

  9. Chakra Readings: Deepen your understanding of chakras and their role in psychic readings. Assess and balance the energy centers within the body, and provide insightful readings.

  10. Numerology: Explore the mystique of numbers, linking them to personal characteristics and life events, unlocking profound insights into the unique journey of each individual.

When deciding which modality to explore allow your intuition to guide you toward the techniques that align most authentically with your strengths and preferences.

How To Develop Your Niche Reading Style

Discovering your niche reading style involves a process of exploration and experimentation. going to want you feel drawn to, following your intuition and trusting your gut. Here are several methods to guide you in finding the approach that resonates most authentically with your intuitive strengths:

Online Workshops and Webinars:

  • Attend online workshops and webinars hosted by reputable practitioners and organizations.

  • Participate in live sessions or watch recorded content to broaden your understanding of various reading techniques.

  • Interact with experts, ask questions, and gain insights that can shape and enrich your evolving reading style.

Enroll In A Course:

  • Enroll in specialized courses, like our "Bespoke Psychic" course, it covers all of the highly sought-after techniques and is designed to guide you through different modalities and help you identify your strengths.

  • Learn from accredited teachers that have international certifications, to ensure you are learning from a reputable college.

  • Leverage structured learning to gain insights into various reading styles and refine your skills.


  • Consider one-on-one mentoring sessions with experienced and certified practitioners.

  • Discover the benefit of receiving personalized guidance tailored to your specific strengths, challenges, and aspirations.

  • Explore different approaches and techniques in-depth, gaining valuable insights that accelerate your growth and refine your niche reading style.

Remember, the journey to finding your niche reading style is a personalized exploration. Embrace these methods as tools for self-discovery and allow your intuitive abilities to guide you toward the methods that feel most authentic and powerful for you.

The Journey Of Self-Reflection

Once you embark on the journey of experimenting and learning different styles, perhaps through a course, education, or mentoring, the integration of self-reflection becomes a transformative catalyst in crafting your distinctive reading style. Purposeful introspection opens the door to profound insights into your preferences and inclinations, unraveling the intricacies of your intuitive strengths. Here are 3 simple ways you can practice self-reflection to refine your niche reading style:


  • Set aside dedicated time to journal your thoughts and experiences after each reading session.

  • Reflect on the aspects of the session that felt most resonant or challenging.

  • Identify patterns in your preferences and inclinations, noting any techniques that consistently stand out.

Meditative Practices:

  • Integrate short meditation sessions into your routine to foster mental clarity.

  • During meditation, focus on specific aspects of your readings or encounters with clients.

  • Pay attention to any intuitive insights or preferences that surface during these moments of introspection.

Interactive Discussion:

  • Engage in discussions with fellow practitioners or mentors about your readings.

  • Share experiences and insights, gaining external perspectives.

  • Analyze and consider different viewpoints to refine your approach.

As you immerse yourself in your development take note of the techniques naturally surfacing, and remember that your skills will only increase as you engage in self-improvement. You'll notice that self-reflection begins evolving beyond a mere practice, and transforms into a navigational tool, steering you toward techniques that align most harmoniously with your intuitive gifts. In this way, self-reflection becomes instrumental in fostering a deeper connection

Ready For The Next Step? Enrol In Our Course

The Bespoke Psychic Course is a celebration of individuality and the art of discovering one's niche within the vast landscape of psychic mediumship. This course is designed to lead you toward understanding, refining, and elevating your readings. In this course, we will delve into different reading styles, explore various modalities, and offer practical tips to help you find your unique niche. The aim is not to fit into pre-existing molds but to embrace the inherent uniqueness of your psychic journey.

Learn More About The Course From Your Teacher, Bronwyn Jane,

an Internationally Certified Psychic Medium and Master Teacher.

So, if you're ready, let's unravel this journey of psychic mastery, where your individuality is not only encouraged but celebrated.


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