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Code of Conduct

As a student of Psychic Mediumship College:

I value the benefits of being a student of Psychic Mediumship College and promise to uphold the high standards of the Psychic Mediumship College displaying ethics and integrity in all my readings and representations of the college, founder, affiliates, and teachers. As a student and graduate of the Psychic Mediumship College, I promise to align with the values and college standards.

  • I will display open, honest, and transparent communication.

  • I will check my ego at the door.

  • I will respect and support other students.

  • I understand help is given to those who ask and commit to asking for help and sharing my experiences.

  • I will seek to grow both spiritually and personally.

  • I will value everyone's voice and experiences.

  • I will not judge someone else's journey.

  • I am committed to respecting my colleagues, clients, and teachers.

  • I am will maintain the confidentiality of other students and clients.

  • I am committed to doing the work required for me to reach my potential.

  • I will not compare myself to others because I understand that my potential is different from someone else's.

  • I acknowledge the Psychic Mediumship College is a community.

  • I am committed to developing self-awareness to allow me to find my strengths and areas of growth.

  • I am committed to facing my fears, blocks, and limiting beliefs that hinder my development.  

  • I am an infinite being capable of amazing things.

  • I understand I alone am responsible for my growth, development outcomes, life, and future potential.

  • I understand what I get out of my education experience is directly linked to what I put into it. 

  • I will practice constant appreciation and gratitude.

  • I am committed to integrating my spiritual knowledge and using it positively.

  • I will have fun.

Psychic Mediumship College Copyright and Terms of Access 

We hereby retain the prerogative to terminate a member's enrollment, expel them from the program, and rescind their access to Psychic Mediumship College under the following circumstances:

  1. Violation of the Website Terms or Conditions, and/or the Privacy Policy.

  2. Infringement upon the copyrights held by Bronwyn Jane, Psychic Mediumship College, and Bronwyn Jane Psychic Medium, which includes disseminating course content in any manner without prior consent from Bronwyn Jane.

  3. Reproduction or distribution, whether in digital, verbal, or written forms, of intellectual property owned by Bronwyn Jane, Psychic Mediumship College, and Bronwyn Jane Psychic Medium. The utilization of said intellectual property is strictly restricted to authorized students for spiritual development purposes exclusively. It is not to be shared or taught by any party without express authorization from Bronwyn Jane.

  4. Sharing coaching call recordings with any third party. Any violation of copyright will result in legal action.

  5. Having been removed, banned, or restricted from any social media page or group administered by Bronwyn Jane, Bronwyn Jane Psychic Medium, or any representative of Bronwyn Jane Psychic Medium.

  6. The identification of any member found sharing login credentials for paid courses, including those received as gifts. Such actions are tantamount to theft and may result in legal repercussions.

  7. Breach of a sales contract, occurring when a member commits to fee-based education but fails to complete payment or cancels payment. Measures may be taken to recover outstanding owed amounts.

It is essential to note that refunds will not be granted in cases where the terms of access have been violated.

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