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Referral Program

Grow with Your Friends and Family.

🌟 Enroll in Our Certificate Course with Group Coaching and Bring a Friend at Half Price! 🌟


Embark on an extraordinary learning journey with our renowned certificate course, now made even better with our exclusive promotion. For a limited time, when you enroll in our certificate course with group coaching, you have the fantastic opportunity to bring a friend along at an incredible 50% off their enrollment fee!

Why settle for learning alone when you can share this remarkable experience with a like-minded companion? Our group coaching sessions are designed to foster collaborative learning, dynamic discussions, and valuable practice opportunities. With the support and encouragement of your friend by your side, your growth and development will be elevated to new heights.

Discover the power of community as you and your friend delve into engaging course content, exchange insightful ideas, and embrace your spiritual journey together. Benefit from the diverse perspectives and collective knowledge that arise when minds come together in a supportive learning environment.

Please note that this exceptional offer is exclusively available for our certificate course with group coaching. Unfortunately, it does not apply to our certification programs with private mentoring. However, rest assured that our group coaching experience has been curated with the utmost care to ensure you receive personalized attention and guidance from Bronwyn Jane.

Don't let this extraordinary opportunity slip away! Take advantage of this promotion and make your learning journey a memorable and rewarding experience. Enroll in our certificate course with group coaching today, and bring a friend along to join you at an unbeatable 50% discount on their enrollment fee!

Secure your spots now, as availability is limited. Unleash your potential and share this incredible adventure with a friend or family by your side. Together, you'll forge lasting memories, build your relationship and accelerate your progress towards success!

Enrol You and Your Friend Now.




Once you completed the payment for both you and your friend above, provide by email your and your friend's name and email address to us. We will then provide access to the course for both of you.

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Terms and Conditions

  • Discount valid on a course when paid in full. Not valid on payment plans.

  • If you or your friend are new to the Psychic Mediumship College, create an account on the website to enable access to course content. Once completed please provide your and your friend's name and email address by email to us to enable access to the course for both of you.

  • Offer may be withdrawn or changed without notice.

  • Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount.

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