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Eternal Soul Mediumship Course

The Eternal Soul

Experience Profound Mediumship Growth that Leads to Lifechanging Spiritual Connections!

Are you ready to challenge your natural intuitive gifts like never before? With the Eternal Soul Advanced Mediumship course, you can dramatically expedite your journey as you discover how to deeply connect and latch on to the guidance of Spirit for an energetic connection unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

You’ve Got the Gift, But How Will You Use It? 


Chances are, that you have already accepted that you are psychic to some degree, with the ability to connect to and interpret the messages of Spirit. Of course, each and every one of us has this ability.


But what makes you different, what makes you special? Is that you understand the immense value in not only accepting this gift, but embracing it.

You see, ignoring your innate gifts and abilities would be like putting one of the most fascinating – not to mention crucial - pieces of your spiritual machinery on a shelf, never to be picked up and used again.


And yet, despite this… so many amongst us choose to do this because of fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of rejection, fear of being unhappy with what they may discover along the way.


However, the truth of the matter is that the path to fulfillment and true happiness is BEST travelled with the guidance of Spirit, whose wisdom and encouragement makes the journey less winding and more worthwhile.


If you’re ready to expedite your journey to get where you ultimately want to go sooner rather than later, then…


It’s Time to Take the Training Wheels Off 


Perhaps, you’ve experienced Spirit on your own. You’ve felt their presence and have even been able to piece together the big picture behind their message for you.


Maybe you’ve even had success in discerning meaning from multiple encounters and have used the wisdom to make big life decisions!


However, if you’re struggling to consistently call Spirit forward and confidently interpret their message (no matter how big or small it may be) on a regular basis, then you must be willing to address the elephant in the room…


It’s time to do the work necessary to level up your abilities.


The good news? Doing the work is probably a lot easier and more enjoyable than you may be thinking…


In fact, if you’re ready to gain crystal clear clarity on the WHO, WHY, and WHAT behind Spirit’s visits and messages… then the Eternal Soul Advanced Mediumship course by internationally certified Psychic Medium and Spiritual Coach Bronwyn Jane is designed specifically for you!

Meet Your Coach

Bronwyn Jane photo
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certified spiritual advisor

Meet Bronwyn Jane, an empowering Psychic Medium & Spiritual Coach who can guide you on this transformative journey.

As a working psychic medium and spiritual coach, Bronwyn draws from her extensive training and experience to offer you an authentic connection to Spirit. She has studied with world-renowned Psychic Mediums and Metaphysical educators, honing her skills to become an internationally Certified Psychic, Medium, and Spiritual Healer.

Bronwyn's passion for helping others extends beyond her psychic abilities. She is also a certified holistic counselor, life coach, and meditation teacher. Her formal studies in forensic mediumship, paranormal investigation, and psychic detection investigation have given her a unique perspective on the power of the mind and spirit.

With Bronwyn as your guide, you can unlock your true potential and discover a deeper connection to the spiritual world. Let her compassionate and grounded approach show you the way. Open your heart and step into the transformative journey that awaits.

What's Covered


Mediumship Prelude

You'll learn the mechanics of spirit communication, different types and styles of mediumship, and ethical guidelines. Gain insights into managing grief through spiritual connections, master essential do's and don'ts, of an empathetic messenger. 


  • Explore the rich history of mediumship, tracing its evolution and cultural significance.

  • Understand the mechanics of how mediumship operates to facilitate communication between spirits and the living.

  • Discover the various types of mediumship, each with unique practices and characteristics.

  • Learn about the different styles adopted by mediums to connect with the spiritual realm.

  • Review the ethical guidelines that govern the practice of mediumship, ensuring integrity and respect.

  • Gain insights into the process of understanding and managing grief through spiritual connections.

  • Master the essential do's and don'ts for mediums to enhance their practice and interactions.

  • Embrace the role of being a responsible and empathetic messenger between the spiritual and physical worlds.


Mediumship is the practice of communicating between the spirits of the living and the departed, creating a profound soul-to-soul connection through energy and love. Gain confidence in your unique abilities and gifts, mastering the language of the spirit world with every interaction.

Module 1 

  • Master the essentials of mediumship, including psychic sensors and activations to enhance spiritual connections.

  • Unlock the layers of mediumship to reveal the mechanics including the biology, neuroscience, and quantum elements. 

  • Explore techniques for accessing and interpreting spirit information accurately.

  • Learn about the dynamics of how spirit connections work and practical approaches to opening, closing, and grounding.

  • Understand the optimal access points for engaging with the spirit.

  • Overcome common mediumship pitfalls and enhance your ability to secure remarkable evidence.

  • Strengthen your unique soul-to-soul connections, ensuring clearer and more profound communication with the Spirit.

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Divine Distinction

 Psychics connect with the living, while mediums communicate with the other world. These energies feel separate, requiring different skills and approaches. Learn how to identify the difference and avoid mistakes to ensure your mediumship is both ethical and authentic. 

Module 2 

  • Learn techniques to distinguish and harness mediumship energy for clearer communications.

  • Master methods to connect with spirits from diverse faiths, countries, or languages.

  • Develop strategies for effectively interacting with multiple spirits simultaneously.

  • Explore insights and teachings about the afterlife, enriching your understanding.

  • Acquire skills to identify and remove blocks in clients, facilitating smoother and more effective sessions.

  • Understand the concepts of universal time and spirit frequency.

  • Decode the unique language of spirit for improved accuracy and depth of messages.

  • Engage in targeted exercises designed to boost your mediumship abilities rapidly.

  • Absorb valuable life lessons that cater specifically to mediums, enhancing personal and professional growth.

Tools Of The Trade

Unlock the power of psychometry to use extrasensory perception, drawing Spirit close while working with Divine Source energy. Recognize the sensations linked to this energy stream as you step into your power.

Module 3

  • Explore which tools can enhance mediumship and how to use them effectively.

  • Learn techniques for mediumship scrying to amplify your psychic sense including 3rd eye abilities.

  • Discover methods to allow Spirit energy to flow freely for conversational communication.

  • Acquire the techniques to demonstrate the soul is eternal and Spirit is still part of the client's life.

  • Employ strategies to enhance your gifts for clear communication.

  • Identify and mitigate your behaviours that hinder connections.

  • Learn reliable methods to capture all crucial evidence including how to identify Spirit accurately a few pieces of evidence.

  • Understand the principles of Spirit Law and its impact on mediumship.

  • Delve deeper into the connections for profound memories and messages.

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DALL·E 2024-07-18 07.47.04 - A female medium in a serene, softly lit room, learning and de

Conscious Awareness

Your body is the tool for connection. Feel emotions, thoughts, pain, and sensations. As you connect with Spirit, access the story of their physical experiences, including health ailments and how they passed. 

Module 4 

  • Learn techniques to understand the limitations of mediumship.

  • Master intuitive channeling to facilitate clearer and more direct communications with spirits.

  • Develop an understanding of spirit emotions and how they compare to human emotions.

  • Explore the various phases of transition within the spirit world and the soul's evaluation.

  • Learn methods to find the causes behind spirits' passing and how to deliver it ethically.

  • Enhance your ability to utilize your body as a barometer.

  • Practice various methods of etheric blending with spirit.

  • Identify and utilize spirit emojis to decode messages more effectively.

  • Develop the skill to visually perceive spirit without fear.

Drawn & Hold Spirit

Our lives are multifaceted; we are more than just a name, body shape, or hair colour. Let mediumship reveal the personality, memories, and essence of a soul.

Module 5

  • Understand the distinct roles and functions between the Spirit, Soul, and Higher Self.

  • Learn techniques to build rapport with Spirit and understand why it's important for locking in a connection.

  • Discover methods to reveal Spirits' unique personality traits.

  • Hacks for access to Spirit memories to provide meaningful messages.

  • Uncover unique details of Spirit life for credible readings.

  • Develop skills to connect with a specific Spirit the client wants.

  • Learn how to maintain a strong connection and not drop Spirit.

  • Master the process of professionally ending the connection.

  • Identify your unique strengths within mediumship.

  • Avoid Spirit stacking, "fishing" - asking client questions and develop confidence with a natural, conversational style.

  • Understand the importance of validation and how it reinforces the link.

DALL·E 2024-07-18 08.09.25 - A realistic and serene scene where a medium is connecting wit
DALL·E 2024-07-18 08.02.44 - A realistic scene of a family enjoying their meal around a di

Unlocking Relationship

Quickly and accurately determine the story of relationships, uncovering the dynamics of various types and situations people experience. This skill allows for deeper understanding and insight into the connections that shape our lives.

Module 6 

  • Learn techniques to discern the type of relationship a spirit had with others.

  • Develop methods to identify the gender of spirits accurately.

  • Understand how to approach and discuss sexuality, trauma and challenging subjects respectfully in mediumship.

  • Gain skills in forming sensitive connections with spirits of babies, toddlers, and children.

  • Discover strategies for engaging with unexpected spirits, like those of neighbours and work colleagues.

  • Explore effective ways to communicate with pet spirits.

  • Manage unclaimed spirits and gate crashers Spirits.

  • Master working with groups of spirits to facilitate harmonious interactions.

  • Learn how to create the 'WOW moment'.

  • Professionally navigate through dysfunctional relationships.

  • Learn about piggybacking spirits and how to handle multiple spirits coming through simultaneously.

Seek the Unexpected

Learn to seek information from Spirit that isn't available online or on social media, information that isn't written down to ensure your practice is authentic, ethical and reliable.

Module 7 

  • Learn how to control communication with spirits rather than be at their mercy.

  • Master techniques for delivering and closing off messages effectively.

  • Create moments where the sitter can engage with Spirit without your involvement. 

  • Develop methods to evoke the "How did they know that" reaction from the sitter.

  • How to optimize Spirit communications.

  • Ensure professional delivery of messages with confidence.

  • Accurately gather and communicate names, dates and other specific information.

  • Understand the concept of age in the Spirit world.

  • Expanding the message authentically.

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DALL·E 2024-07-18 07.49.49 - A professional medium in a serene, mystical setting. The medi

Reading Secretes and Hacks

Become an exceptional medium with powerful hacks, professional delivery, and abilities that weave a compelling story of connection between you and the spirit world.

Module 8 

  • Learn techniques for sitting in the power of Spirit.

  • Discover methods for removing blocks.

  • Utilize vibrational hacks to elevate your energy frequency.

  • Master a professional reading process that feels easy, natural, and genuine for both you and the sitter.

  • Develop a structure to unlock consistency in your readings.

  • Implement best practices for professional sessions.

  • Techniques for properly closing a connection with Spirit after a session.

  • Understand and adhere to the professional code of ethics.

  • Learn how to deliver a combination reading of psychic and mediumship messages.

  • Advance protection protocols to safeguard your energy.

  • Recognize the importance of self-care in maintaining your spiritual and physical well-being.

  • Understand and manage expectations for both you and your sitter for a positive experience.

Whats Included

What's Included

  • 16-Week Online Course

  • 9 in-depth modules

  • Written Content

  • 9.5hrs Tutorial Video's

  • Tutorial Audios

  • 8 Meditations

  • 8 x 90min LIVE Zoom group coaching calls

  • Group Exercises + Feedback

  • Practice Opportunities

  • Group Q & A

  • Facebook Group

  • Downloadable Handouts

  • Workbook

  • Audio Exercises

  • Reading Readiness Assessment

  • Certificate of Completion 

Sign Up Now

Sign up TODAY and complete the 8 modules of pre-work before coaching commences to unlock your full potential.

You can commence the course anytime. Work your way through the modules at your own pace. Coaching commences as shown below. We recommend completing the self-study before coaching. Then revisit the content as you undertake coaching to ensure maximum integrated knowledge, skills, and tips.


26th August - 16th December, 2024

Group coaching runs over 8 sessions every 2 weeks at 7 pm (AEST/AEDT) on Mondays.

Don't let hesitation stand in the way of your extraordinary transformation.

The Eternal Soul Advanced Mediumship course is your ticket to an awe-inspiring realm where you'll forge an unparalleled connection with Spirit, unlike anything you've experienced before. This course is exclusively designed for those who refuse to settle for the mundane, those who crave a life illuminated by spiritual wisdom and purpose.

Our graduates embody professionalism, ethics, and authenticity—hallmarks of true leaders in the Spiritual field. 


Are you driven to excel and reach the pinnacle of your potential? Join us and become part of a distinguished community that sets the standard for excellence within Australia and internationally. 


Imagine living not just to exist but to excel, to make an impact not just on yourself but on the world around you. That's the essence of what our courses offer—a holistic approach that empowers you to embody greatness, live your purpose, and to make each day a testament to your potential.

Guided by the


Secure your spot now and embark on this remarkable journey toward self-discovery and spiritual enlightenment. The time to uncover your true potential is now!

Minimum Requirements

  • Completed the Intuit Psychic course

  • Or, previously studied psychic or mediumship development elsewhere

  • Or, providing intuition guidance, psychic and mediumship readings

  • You must be willing to connect to the Spirit world and have experiences demonstrating these abilities.

  • You must be committed to doing the practice in your own time, at your own pace.

This is an intermediate to advanced level course and a prerequisite for the Advanced Channel Course.

Smiling Woman

Risk Free Guarantee

We are dedicated to your success and spiritual growth. Enroll and take the course for 14 days, complete module 1 and your coaching session. If you have engaged with the course by completing the exercises and actively participating in all assigned activities, yet it does not meet the outlined on this page, we will refund 100% of the tuition you paid.

 Discovery calls are available for you to ask any questions, and we never pressure you to enroll.


Refunds do not apply for "change of mind"

Enroll now and step into a world where the mysteries of the


spiritual realm unfolds before your eyes.


Join the league of extraordinary individuals ready to elevate their abilities and embrace the profound connection of Spirit.

Don't Pay $2790

Enrol now and embark on a transformative journey unlike any other!

Sign up TODAY and start the pre-work to be ready to commence the coaching on the 26th of August 2024, at 7 pm (Sydney, Australia).

  • 16-week Online Course

  • Experience LIVE interactive development with 8 x 90min LIVE classes

  • Coaching runs from 26 August - 2nd December 2024

  • Coaching calls via Zoom fortnightly, Monday at 7 pm (Sydney, Australia)

  • Classes are recorded to watch on replay if you can't attend.

ENROLMENT CLOSES  - 25th August 2024 

RRP $2790         


Enrol Now 

Price Increase 1/9/24


All prices are shown in AUD


BUT WAIT......Upgrade to Mentoring

Mediumship Mentoring

Upgrade to the

Professional Mediumship Reader Certification 

The spiritual industry is crowded with mediums! Amid a field rife with unqualified practitioners, distinguishing yourself is key.

Clients want trustworthy mediums that are ethical and well trained they can trust. Elevate your skills and enhance your credibility—embrace the opportunity to shine and show your clients they're in capable, reliable hands. Join us and transform your practice into a beacon of trust and excellence with our in-depth mentoring pathway. Take your readings to a level you never thought possible with personalized coaching.

Limited Mentoring Spots Available

Valued at $8875

Are you seeking excellence? Want to be a highly skilled professional Mediumship? Do you prefer 1:1 coaching and the results it generates?  Then this development option is for you.

Our Professional Certification includes everything listed above



  • 5 months of Elite Private Coaching

  • 8 x 60+ min Personal Coaching Sessions

  • 1 x 60 min Business Development Call

  • Mentoring for up to 20 practice readings

  • Hone your specialty (loved onesanimals etc)

  • Alumni Student Community

  • 1 x Mediumship Self-Care Workbook

  • Pro-skill educational resources and handouts

  • On-Call Personal Support, via Voxer

  • Recordings of Coaching Sessions

  • Certification Logo to display for your business

  • Mediumship Readiness Assessment

  • Professional Mediumship Reader Certification

  • Opportunities to work with the College as a recommended reader, incl: ongoing business support.

Qualification: Professional Eternal Soul Medium Practitioner Certification (ESM Prac. Prof. Med)


Recognition: The Psychic Medium College (PMC) recognizes graduates as advanced students.

RRP $8875   


Save over 40%


​The Eternal Soul Mediumship Course

​Download the Course Information Pack TODAY!​

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