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Intuit Psychic: Transform Your Psychic Abilities with Private Mentoring

Experience Authentic Spiritual Connection Without Tools Over 12 Weeks




Discover the Art of Pure Intuition

  • Tool-Free Readings: Learn to attract and interpret Spirit's messages naturally, without relying on cards or crystals.


  • Depth and Fulfillment: Ensure your readings are both genuine and profoundly satisfying for you and your clients.




What's Included in Your Course:

  • Comprehensive Written Content: Dive into detailed written materials that cover every aspect of intuitive psychic reading.


  • 4.5 Hours of Video Tutorials: Engage with visual and practical guides to enhance your learning experience.


  • Five Guided Meditations: Focus and refine your ability to connect with spiritual energies.


  • Over Ten Downloadable Handouts and Workbooks: Access essential learning tools anytime to reinforce your skills.


  • Practical Exercises: Sharpen your intuitive techniques through targeted practice.


  • Private Facebook Group: Join a community of like-minded individuals to share insights and experiences.


  • Group Exercises and Live Practice: Learn dynamically with peers to refine your psychic abilities.


  • Interactive Group Q&A Sessions: Have your pressing questions addressed in a supportive group environment.


  • Six 90-Minute Group Zoom Calls: Participate in deep dive sessions to enhance your understanding and application of course material.




Plus Exclusive Private Mentoring with Bronwyn:

  • Three Months of Personal Coaching: Receive tailored guidance to develop your unique psychic abilities.


  • Six Personal Mentoring Calls (60+ Minutes Each): Enjoy focused, one-on-one sessions to accelerate your growth.


  • Customized Practice Sessions: Perfect your skills with personalized mentoring on your readings.
  • Develop Your Niche Reading Style: Identify and cultivate a reading style that resonates with your personal strengths.


  • Extensive Reading Practice: Receive direct feedback on up to 12 readings to fine-tune your approach.


  • On-Demand Support: Get help when you need it between sessions to keep progressing.


  • Alumni Community Membership: Stay connected with fellow graduates for ongoing support and networking.


  • Recorded Coaching Calls: Revisit your learning at any time to reinforce your development.


  • Reading Readiness Assessment: Gauge your preparedness for professional readings confidently.


  • Professional Certification and Logo: Display your qualifications proudly and boost your professional visibility.


  • Opportunities at the College: Qualify for recommendations and support as a professional reader from the college.




Join Intuit Psychic Professional Certification Today

Step into your power as a psychic reader with comprehensive training and personalized mentorship. The program starts when you sign up.



Enroll now and start a journey that transforms your spiritual practice and professional path!





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Intuit Psychic Course + Mentoring

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AU$3 211,00Salgspris
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