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Unlock Your Potential with the Intuition Amplified Course

Transform Your Life and Redefine Your Destiny in 8 Insightful Modules




Why Choose Intuition Amplified?

  • Beyond Learning: This course doesn’t just teach; it transforms. Prepare to redefine your destiny and discover a deeper purpose.


  • Impactful Ripple Effect: The skills and insights you gain extend beyond personal enhancement—they empower you to positively influence those around you.



Course Features:

  • Eight Comprehensive Modules: Journey through meticulously crafted content that builds your intuition and understanding step by step.


  • Over 20 Instructional Videos: Engage with dynamic video content that guides you through techniques to enhance your intuitive abilities.


  • Thirteen Guided Meditations: Cultivate a deeper connection to your inner wisdom through focused meditation practices.


  • Handouts and Workbooks for Deeper Learning: Utilize two downloadable and additional handouts to reinforce your learning and retention.


  • Recordings of Coaching Sessions: Revisit coaching insights and breakthroughs anytime to reinforce your development.


  • Private Facebook Group Access: Join a vibrant community committed to extraordinary achievements and mutual support.


  • Audio Tutorials: Learn on-the-go with audio content that complements your visual and written materials.


  • Six Group Coaching Sessions: Participate in live sessions that offer personalized guidance and foster a supportive learning environment.


  • Certificate of Completion: Celebrate your commitment and success with a certificate that acknowledges your enhanced intuitive capabilities.




Experience Rapid Intuitive Development:

  • Proven Methods: Learn techniques to quiet the mind quickly, allowing you to access your inner wisdom and make clear, informed decisions.




Join Our Community of Change-Makers

Embrace this opportunity to not just learn, but lead.




Enroll in the Intuition Amplified course today and start your journey toward a life-altering transformation.




Start anytime and complete the self-study online comment. Then join the LIVE coaching call in the next intake.




This course is available 3 times a year. - Last Enrolment for 2024 closes Oct, 15th




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Intuition Amplified + Group Coaching

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