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Psychic Mediumship Diploma

Transform Your Life and Other Peoples

18 Months
Personal Mentoring

Professional Development

Embracing the Souls Calling 

Embark on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening with our Psychic Mediumship Diploma.


This comprehensive course delivered over 18 months with 30 mentoring sessions is meticulously crafted to unlock the mysteries of psychic energy, guiding you through an immersive exploration of your innate mediumship abilities. Whilst finding your specialty subjects within these areas.

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Channel Your Gifts to Enlighten the World

As a Professional Psychic Medium

How can people know if they can trust a reader? In an overcrowded industry of readers, standing out is crucial. Clients want readers with trusted credentials. Many readers lack qualifications or proper training. Seize the chance to distinguish yourself with our respected, in-depth diploma program. Elevate your career and shine in a competitive field.

Explore What Awaits on Your Transformative Journey

Unveiling Our Unique Edge: The HOW and WHAT We Teach Sets Us Apart!

When you invite us into your journey, you'll encounter a spiritual education that's both grounded and practical. Our teachings blend science-based theories and evidence, led by Bronwyn Jane herself—a practicing reader who imparts insights from personal experiences rather than just echoing others' knowledge.

With Bronwyn Jane's extensive coaching and educational experience across diverse industries, she brings a wealth of knowledge, making her adept at catering to various student types, learning styles, and educational levels—from beginners to highly educated professionals.

Ready to level up your skills and knowledge?

3-in-1 Industry Credentials

Intuit Psychic Certification, Eternal Soul Mediumship Certification and Professional Psychic Mediumship Diploma (Dip. Prof. Med)

Graduating Students

Unlock the True Essence of Spirit's Messages

Translate Energy Unlike Anything Believed Possible:

As a spiritually aware individual deeply connected to the divine, you understand the profound guidance and encouragement spirit offers. Yet, accurately interpreting these messages is key to a fulfilling life, not just for yourself, but for others too.

What if, despite your efforts, you struggle to grasp the genuine meaning behind spirit's messages? Or if energy blocks hinder your readings? Rest assured, there are steps to unlock a breakthrough in your intuitive abilities.

It’s Time to Let Go of Tools

While tools like tarot cards and crystals are helpful, relying solely on them shifts focus away from our heart space. Instead, we lean into a specific tool's structure, disconnecting from the pure essence of spirit's message.

Put simply, relying on tools limits our energetic connection and the wisdom within spirit's messages remains unabsorbed.

Don't let traditional tools restrict your spiritual growth!  Ready to Embrace Spiritual Self-Development?

If you're eager to exchange tools for profound spiritual growth, then the Psychic Mediumship diploma is your path forward!


Embrace Clarity By Tuning Out The Noise

From providing clarity for confident decision-making and fostering an unshakable link to Spirit Guides, Angels, and departed loved ones, a finely tuned psychic and mediumship abilities holds unparalleled benefits.

Life-Changing Connections with Profound Mediumship 

Ready to push the boundaries of your natural gifts?

The Psychic Mediumship Diploma is your ticket to an accelerated journey, allowing you to deeply connect and harness the guidance of Spirit for an unparalleled energetic communion.

You're Gifted, But How Will You Embrace It? 


You likely recognize your innate psychic abilities, connecting with and interpreting Spirit's messages. This unique ability resides in us all. Yet, what sets you apart? It's your understanding of the immense value in not just acknowledging but fully embracing this gift.

Neglecting your innate talents would be like stashing away a vital piece of your spiritual apparatus, never to be utilized again.

Despite this, many hesitate due to fear – fear of the unknown, rejection, or unpleasant revelations along the way.

However, the truth is that the path to fulfillment and genuine happiness is best navigated with the guidance of Spirit, making the journey smoother and more rewarding.


Ready to Expedite Your Journey?


It's Time to Embrace Growth  - Maybe you've encountered Spirit, felt their presence, and deciphered their messages, even making life-altering decisions based on their wisdom.

Yet, if consistently summoning Spirit and confidently and accurately interpreting their messages remains a challenge, it's time to address this hurdle. The good news? The journey toward enhancement is often simpler and more enjoyable than you think.

If you're eager for clear insights into the WHO, WHY, and WHAT behind Spirit's messages, then the Psychic Mediumship Diploma is your personalized roadmap forward!

Embrace Life On Your Terms 

Revealing Your Potential: Here, dormant abilities don't just awaken; they ignite. Picture offering undeniable evidence of the spirit world, liberated from judgments and fears. This journey isn't just about learning; it's about unleashing your innate power.

Embrace Liberation: Envision a world where your spiritual brilliance shines, unaffected by external opinions. Here, your gifts radiate, unhindered by apprehension. It's time to break free from the chains of judgment and let your light guide others.

Reconnect with Spirit: Have you sensed a whisper of disconnection from the spiritual realm? Longed for an unbreakable bond? Get ready to reignite that lost connection, forging a steadfast relationship with the mystical and the divine.

Unlocking Spirit's Messages: Demystify the enigmatic messages from the spirit world. Gain the finesse to interpret them with crystal-clear clarity. These insights aren't just messages; they are keys to unlocking deeper realms of wisdom

Radiant Confidence: Picture yourself stepping into your purpose with unwavering certainty. No doubts, no fears—just an undeniable assurance in your gifts. Let us nurture this confidence, empowering you to fearlessly share your light

Forging Profound Connections: Your goal reaches beyond mere communication; it's about crafting dialogues that transcend the living and the beyond. Master the art of translating energies, providing undeniable proof of life after life

Guided by a Leading Spiritual Coach:

Join Australia's Leading Spiritual Coach on a fortnightly voyage into self-discovery, connection, and unparalleled spiritual growth. Through these sessions, envision navigating profound exploration, all from the comfort of your space, connecting with kindred spirits, and refining your talents.

This isn't just a course; it's an extraordinary transformational experience crafted to launch you into new realms. It's time to embrace your potential, liberate your spirit, and forge connections that transcend dimensions. Are you ready to step into your power and illuminate the world with your spiritual brilliance?

Your transformative journey awaits - dive into our comprehensive 18-month mentoring diploma now.

Minimum Requirements

  • No previous knowledge or experience is required.

  • Commitment to working on your connection with Spirit in your own time and at your own pace.

  • Willingness to practice skills and reading techniques as requested by your mentor.


Recognized previous study for 1:1 graduates of Intuit Psychic, Eternal Soul Mediumship & Mind Mastery may apply. 

Your Journey Your Choice

Unparalleled Spiritual Growth at Your Fingertips

Experience the most comprehensive journey with our Psychic Mediumship Diploma. With 60+ videos, more than 200 pages of theory, 20 enriching meditations, 12 workbooks, 30 x 1:1 mentoring sessions, and an array of empowering exercises, practice readings and handouts, there's no course as extensive as this!

Recognition and Progress

Start your professional journey while advancing through the diploma. Begin industry work as you pursue your diploma.

Completion section 2 - awarded the Professional Intuit Psychic Reader Certification 

Completion section 4 - awarded Professional Eternal Soul Medium Practitioner Certification

Completion section 5 - awarded Psychic Mediumship Diploma


Expand the below boxes to see all the topics included:

  • Section 1: Self-Study + 2 x 1:1 Check-in Calls, Duration: 2 Months (Intuition Amplified)

    Module 1: How Intuition and psychic energy work, Identifying psychic sensors and activation,  the perfect intuition

    Module 2: Understanding and developing psychic abilities, removing blocks and fears, connecting to your soul

    Module 3: How to ground and protect your energy, tools and methods of protection, psychic attacks, 

    Module 4: How to open and close to Spirit, creating safe contains, clearing energy, 

    Module 5: Working with your spiritual team (spirit guides, angels, masters), Ego and its impact on your abilities

    Module 6: 7 layers of the Aura and 7 Chakra's  - reading, balancing and maintenance

    Module 7: understanding how spirit communicates and their language and psychic tools

    Module 8: How to clear space, 101 of Oracle card and pendulum reading

  • Section 2: Course Content + 1:1 Mentoring (Bonus Group Coaching) 

    Duration: 3 Months (Intuit Psychic)

    Module 1: Unlocking psychic energy through spirit connection and boundaries

    Module 2: Sensory perception, meshing energies, decoding spirit, ancestors, and guides, and 3rd eye activation

    Module 3: Scrying techniques, working with timelines, and managing your mind

    Module 4: Energetic maintenance, avoiding reading mistakes, and finding your ideal method of connection

    Module 5: Diving deep into a reading, ethical readings, getting specific details, fortune-telling V predictions

    Module 6: Professional reading format, ethics, does and don'ts, removing blocks, and closing down 

  • Section 3: Course Content + 1:1 Mentoring 

    Duration: 3 Months (Mind Mastery)

    Module 1: Mind, Body and Spirit connection for well-being, stress triggers & working to resolve the impact.

    Module 2: Soul connection, shifting energy quickly, understanding the happiness barometer, & tools to improve well-being

    Module 3: Abundance and happiness, improving self-esteem, connecting to compassion and improving self-esteem

    Module 4: Subconsious impact on success, self-believe and blocks, shadow work, healing inner child, empowering your

    Module 5: Pushing past doubt, self-sabotage, inner power & success, techniques for managing worries & concerns

    Module 6: Tools for effective manifesting, law of attraction, understanding life lessons

    Module 7: Understanding and achieving self-actualization, embracing gifts and talents without fear, growing through vulnerability and forgiveness.​

  • Section 4: Course Content + 1:1 Mentoring (+ Bonus Group Coaching) 

    Duration: 5 Months (Eternal Soul Mediumship)

    Prelude: History of mediumship, understanding grief, different types of mediumship, bringing the messenger, does & don'ts, ethics 

    Module 1: Sensory activations, accessing spirit, getting evidence, soul-2-soul connection, mediumship pitfalls, hacks to ensure success 

    Module 2: Distinguishing between psychic & mediumship connections, the afterlife, client blocks, Universal time, life lessons of mediums

    Module 3: Delopvement tools, mediumship scrying, spirit flow, connection hindrance, never miss spirit again, going deep, spirit law

    Module 4: Mediumship limitations, channeling, spirit emotions, blending with spirit, symbols, specific information & profound messages 

    Module 5: Rappour with spirit & memories, holding & dropping spirit, strengthening the link, conversational delivery & spirit personality

    Module 6: Identify spirits with relationship's, names & dates, sensitive topics & connections, multiple spirits, get WOW moments, pet connections, unclaimed spirits, piggybacking spirits & unexpected connections or communications.

    Module 7: Closing off messages, creating profound healing moments, signs of authentic mediumship, professional delivery

    Module 8: Removing blocks, sitting in the power, vibrational hacks, how to deliver a professional reading, hybrid readings & self care

  • Section 5: Course Content + 1:1 Mentoring

    Duration: 5 Months (Electives)

    Elective Selection Guidance: Choose with Purpose. Elevate Your Expertise, Skills, or Personal Interest. Our electives offer the chance to specialize in a particular subject, enhance existing skills, or explore personal interests. Your choice could lead you to become a subject matter specialist.

    • Select from the list of electives

    • Elective points should equal 10, but must not be less than 8 or greater than 11 points. 

    • Subject to the electives chosen, the content is made of workbooks, downloads, diagrams, handouts, and exercises and homework.

Craft Your Unique Journey

Tailor Your Transformation To Suit Your Needs:

Your journey toward spiritual awakening is uniquely yours. Our diploma celebrates individuality by offering you the freedom to select electives from our captivating array of transformative topics. These electives serve as gateways, unlocking your true potential and equipping you with specialized tools to deepen your connection with the spiritual realm within your chosen niche.

Explore the possibilities and tailor your transformation to match your personal path. Download our comprehensive elective subject list for a complete overview of topics and start your transformative journey today.

Angels: Unlock celestial secrets and decode angelic messages hidden within numbers to amplify your spiritual journey.

Platform mediumship and demonstrating psychic readings (live & virtual): Step into the limelight, sharing your unique insights in-person and virtually with the world.

Chakras (including balancing, alignment): Master your inner energy centers, find balance, and unlock your highest potential with the art of chakra alignment.

Discover energetic healing techniques & practices: Explore a variety of energetic healing modalities, enhancing your abilities to provide healing support to others. 

Channeling: Open a portal to higher realms, receiving divine wisdom and guidance to illuminate your spiritual journey.

Medical intuitive: Learn to connect identify psychical health concerns, what may have caused, and offer guidance on how to work with medical professionals.

Operating a Spiritual Business: Develop the skills needed to succeed as a professional in the realms of psychic practice.

Soul Contracts and Soul Readings: Delve deep into the essence of the soul, unveiling its unique purpose and profound insights that guide your life's path.

Plus a whole lot more! Download our full guide here.

Commencement Date

Three people are accepted per year into this prestigious program. To be considered for one of the most sought-after industry qualifications complete an application then Book a call with Bronwyn to discuss your learning objectives and embark on a life-changing adventure.


Commence anytime


The benefit of this course is that your start date is flexible. Negotiated with your tutor to meet your needs and their schedule. Once you have been accepted into the program you can start anytime!

Embrace Your Purpose and Create Lasting Impact !

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Who Should Study The Diploma?

Individuals with a strong desire to make a positive difference in the world and help others through their abilities.

Those seeking to lead a purpose-driven life and make meaningful contributions to society.

Advanced students aiming to elevate their practice, career, and overall life journey will discover tailored guidance within this exclusive program.

People wanting a professional career in the spiritual industry and are seeking premier training and credentials with opportunities as a post grad.

Psychics, mediums, or healers at any level who aim to integrate potent tools and techniques for enduring transformation across all aspects of their lives.

Anyone embarking on a spiritual quest for personal growth and enlightenment will find invaluable resources and guidance on their journey within this program.

Visionaries driven to make a positive impact and contribute to helping others.

Individuals seeking a life filled with purpose and meaning.

Anyone exploring a spiritual path, seeking growth, and enlightenment.

Young Female Student

Risk Free Guarantee

We are dedicated to your success and spiritual growth. Enroll and take the course for 14 days, complete module 1 and your coaching session. If you have engaged with the course by completing the exercises and actively participating in all assigned activities, yet it does not meet the outlined on this page, we will refund 100% of the tuition you paid.

 Discovery calls are available to ask questions, and we never pressure you to enroll.


Refunds do not apply for "change of mind"

It's Your Time Now

Ready to Invest in YOU?

Unlock the door to your future success now! Limited spots are available for this life-transforming journey, designed exclusively to nurture your soul, refine your skills, and accelerate your career. Don't let this unique opportunity slip through your fingers.


Secure your place and start sculpting your destiny today. Act fast—transformative experiences await.

Investment In Your Future: $15,488 AUD


Payment plans available: 18 payments x $897 AUD (month)

Course Policy

All prices are shown in AUD

Psychic Mediumship College makes no warrants or guarantees about your future business, that being said graduates have reported charging fees of $180-$200+ per 45-minute session as professionally certified psychic or medium, therefore, recoup their investments within months of completion.

Bronwyn Jane

Meet Bronwyn Jane

Certified Psychic, Medium & Master Teacher.

​In the heart of every transformative journey lies a mentor, a guiding star illuminating the way with wisdom and expertise.

Meet Bronwyn Jane, a beacon of inspiration and an embodiment of unparalleled knowledge, ready to sculpt your spiritual growth and empower your abilities. With Bronwyn as your mentor, you're not just embarking on a learning experience; you're stepping into a world where personalized guidance meets boundless potential.


Imagine having a trusted expert by your side, someone recognized globally for their dedication to excellence and ethical practices. With Bronwyn's expertise, you're not just learning; you're absorbing the essence of years of experience and mastery.


Her compassionate guidance and authentic approach create a nurturing space where your abilities flourish, and your confidence soars.

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