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Ignite Lifechanging Personal Empowerment that Snowballs into an Avalanche of Personal Growth with the Mind Mastery Program!

Ready to embark on a deeply rewarding journey to self-discovery, acceptance, and healing? Give your soul the TLC it’s been craving with the Mind Mastery program as you become a magnet for success and positivity while welcoming in a more fulfilling and authentic life.

It All Starts in the Mind 


When was the last time you felt truly happy and at peace?


You know, that feeling of deep appreciation for not only the life that you live but also for where you’re at and all that you have? The feeling of warm contentment that, if lingered on for too long, could make you emotional. THAT feeling.


Chances are, this is probably not a feeling you experience on a daily or even weekly basis. Let’s face it, the dynamics and expectations of society don’t exactly make it easy for one to maintain a healthy, mind, body, soul connection. On top of this, it can be very difficult to nurture all three without neglecting one.


And if we’re being honest, isn’t it almost always the soul that fails to receive the same level of attention and care as the body and mind?


Regardless of whether you’re working a job that leaves you feeling unfulfilled and burnt out, have little to no time to pursue what truly interests you, or simply feel like there is SO much you’re missing out on…


It’s safe to say that it’s time to take back control and make some serious changes. It’s time for a shakeup.


Nurture Your Mind and Soul. Change Your LIFE. 


The very essence of who you are as an individual, the soul should never be overlooked or neglected on your path to self-acceptance, self-growth, and self-love.


Yet, so many among us do just that. Fortunately, that all ends here for you.


If you’re ready to invest in your soul, then you’re ready to take a front-row seat to a never-ending parade of positivity that ushers in countless life-changing benefits before your very eyes!


You’re ready to establish a connection to not only the world but yourself that ignites your passions and ensures you wake up feeling that spark, the one so many spend their life wishing they had back.


It’s time to stop putting your soul on the back burner and finally invest in it the way you deserve.


It’s time to awaken your soul, and with the help of internationally certified Psychic Medium and Spiritual Coach Bronwyn Jane, you’ll be able to do just that and more!

About The Programme

Online Course       Content     

   20+ Videos,
7+ Meditations & Audio Tutorials 

Worksheets, Handouts & 140 Pages of Content
(A4 Equivalent)

Facebook Group &
On-going Support

No Minimum Requirements

  • No previous experience is required.

  • Deep commitment to working on yourself in your own time, at your own pace.

  • Open to anyone wanting to have a strong connection to their soul and live the life they desire. 


What's Covered

Wellness Coach


Holistic healing connects the mind, body, and soul. Whilst unconditional love and support are powerful healers, ultimately we are responsible for our own well-being.

Acknowledge the influences on your well-being.


Acquire skills unlocking the life you are seeking, empowering your soul, and stepping into your power.

Friends Relaxing on Grass


  • What is "Fight and Flight"?, When does it occur, and how to identify it physically?

  • Determine your stress scale.

  • Unlock simple tools to improve daily stress levels.

  • Identify stress triggers and their impact on your body.

  • Learn how to shift the physical signs of stress quickly.

Life's Beautiful


  • Connecting to how your soul is progressing.

  • Learn how to physically shift energy quickly with breathing techniques.

  • Understand your happiness barometer

  • Track your triggers & stressors

  • Tap into tools to improve and maintain your well-being.  

Happy Coffee


  • Understand what influences your happiness.

  • Learn how to change a negative perspective.

  • Improving self-esteem.

  • Discover how to bring abundance into all areas of life.

  • Connect to self-compassion, gratitude, and self-love.



  • Understanding how your subconscious impacts success.

  • Resetting erroneous beliefs instilled as a child.

  • Discover how you view yourself & removing blocks.

  • Empower your soul to shine as planned.

  • Identify & heal through shadow work

Stones of Meaning


  • Overcoming self-sabotaging behaviours.

  • Positive techniques for managing concerns and worries.

  • Set yourself up for success.

  • Push past self doubt and towards your inner power.

  • Be guided to become who you are destined to be faster than you imagined possible. 

A women on board a yacht


  • Learn why your energy impacts the Law of Attraction.

  • The secret to manifesting your best life.

  • Learn skills for successful manifestation.

  • Creating a synchronicity timeline.

  • Tools to enhance manifesting.

  • Understanding life lessons.

Happy Girl


  • Understand & measure self-actualization

  • Move past blocks & ego towards self-actualization.

  • How to become your true potential.

  • Embracing your talents without fear.

  • Growth through forgiveness & vulnerability

Meditating on the Beach


Where to now?




Meet Bronwyn Jane

Option 1 - Content Only
Course code:  MMOPT1

  • Self-paced

  • Written Content

  • 22 Video Tutorials

  • Audio Tutorials

  • 7+ Meditations

  • 20+ Worksheets & Handouts ​


 Study anywhere any time - WORLDWIDE access

Course Value

Course content valued at $1495

No coaching is included in the self-study package

Total course valued at $1495

Guide your own personal development

Complete in your own time at your own pace!

       Reduced to $611AUD

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Option 2  - Private Coaching
Course code:  MMOPT2

  • All of Option 1


  • 14 Week program

  • 7 x 60 min Zoom Coaching Calls

  • Private Facebook Group for ongoing support & education

  • Intuit Coaching & Soul Healing by Bronwyn

  • Recordings of Coaching Sessions

  • Support between coaching sessions 


Coaching sessions include Spiritual guidance.

Course Value

Private Coaching valued at $3350

Course Content valued at $1495

Intuit Coaching From Bronwyn valued at $1200

Total course valued at $6045

For those people seeking deep personal growth in conjunction with Spirit guidance to heal!

Join NOW -  Limited 2 people

   Reduced to $3644AUD

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Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

Bronwyn Jane is committed to your success and transformation. You can take this course for 14 days to complete module 1. If you have supported your learning by completing the exercises and supported your learning by asking questions, and don't feel the course has met expectations, Bronwyn will happily refund 100% of the tuition paid, no questions asked. Refunds do not apply for "change of mind".


Course Commences

Start anytime!  Work your way through the modules at your own pace. For those who are undertaking mentoring it will commence as agreed by email or during your discovery call with Bronwyn.

About Your Coach

Bronwyn Jane

Bronwyn Jane - an empowering and grounded Psychic Medium and spiritual Coach who can help guide you on your journey.

With years of experience as a working psychic medium and healer, Bronwyn has honed her skills through extensive study with world-renowned Psychic Mediums and Metaphysical educators. Her integrated knowledge and compassionate approach allow her to teach others how to authentically connect with Spirit and develop their own gifts.


Bronwyn's certifications in parapsychology, advanced metaphysics, and holistic counseling, as well as her training in forensic mediumship, paranormal investigation, psychic detection investigation, channeling, and akashic records, make her an incredibly well-rounded and knowledgeable spiritual coach.

So if you're looking to explore your spirituality and develop your gifts, trust in Bronwyn's expertise and experience to guide you on your path.

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Student Testimonials

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I found this course to be truly amazing, as Bronwyn Jane guides you through a journey of self-discovery. The course is easy to understand and is set out at a pace that is suitable for every level of participant. It’s a program that you can complete and come back to time and time again as you work through your layers.

This course has been truly eye opening and to be honest, a little confronting at times, but that just made me want to dig deeper. To learn more about myself; the ifs, buts and whys of my responses and actions to situations.

This program is a gentle but honest approach to discovering a better you.

Bronwyn Jane is an amazing teacher, guide and mentor; and if you have never delved into this type of work before, I highly recommend that this is the place to start. You’re in safe hands.

Melissa Nimmo

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