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Elevate Your Craft, Elevate Your Life

 Time to Embrace Spiritual Mastery with

As a seeker deeply connected to the spiritual realm, you understand the profound wisdom waiting to be unlocked within your grasp. Dive into our exclusive The Bespoke PsychicCourse - a transformative series of 10 dynamic classes. Never before have these skills been available in one course.

Each class is meticulously crafted to awaken your psychic potential, guide your spiritual evolution, and empower your journey toward mastery. 

"Unveil the mysteries of psychic realms, refine your niche skills, and forge profound connections with the unseen. The Bespoke Psychic Course will take you from the ordinary to the extraordinary, awakening your full psychic potential!."

Want to read like everyone else? Or are you looking to stand out from the crowd? 


In our course, you will learn specialized reading skills others just hope to actualize. Unlock the influence of soul contracts on life paths and refine your skills for reading and interpreting them. Dive into the profound connection of reading chakras and auras and learn how to incorporate these skills to provide profound psychic readings.


Delve into the significance of numbers in psychic readings, immersing yourself in the secrets of Numerology. As you understand life paths, universal numbers, and how these align to personalities and energetic themes. 


Pets are family, and their loss cuts deep. Learn to navigate pet grief with compassion, bringing solace and joy to those mourning their furry companions. Be part of this heartfelt journey of healing for others through pet mediumship readings.


Ready to dive deep?


With psychic detection, forensic mediumship, healing timelines, and the incredible depths of a spirit guide reading. Embark on an adventure of mystical exploration, connection, and discovery!

Commences 28th March 2024
10 Online Classes

Meet Bronwyn Jane

What's Covered

Whats covered
Buddhist Monk Meditating

Spirit Guides Readings

 Delve into the mystical world of spirit guides. Learn to connect, communicate, and harness their wisdom for guidance and enlightenment.

Module 1

  • Delve into a diverse spectrum of spiritual entities and their unique characteristics.

  • Uncover the fascinating world of spiritual beings, from angels to guides and beyond.

  • Discover the pathways to forging meaningful relationships with these ethereal entities.

  • Explore the intricate ways spirit guides communicate.

  • Decode the varied methods of communication, from subtle signs to intuitive messages.

  • Engage in hands-on exercises to initiate contact with your personal spirit guide.

  • Based on language structure identify your spirit communicator.

  • Gain insights into the art of conducting spirit guide readings.

Exploring the Vibrations Within Numbers

Uncover the hidden significance of numbers in psychic readings. Interpret and decode their profound messages to enhance your intuitive skills.

Module 2

  • Discover the ancient art of numerology in a concise, power-packed session.

  • Unveil the profound significance of numbers in our lives and their role in shaping destinies.

  • Explore the fascinating connection between numbers and psychic insights.

  • Master the art of interpreting numbers with expert techniques and methodologies.

  • Gain proficiency in decoding the messages numbers convey in psychic readings.

  • Immerse yourself in hands-on exercises to apply numerology principles.

  • Dive into real-life scenarios to analyze and interpret numbers.

Numbered Stones
Family Photos in B&W

Journeying Through Past Lives and Akashic Records

 Unlock the secrets of past lives and delve into the Akashic Records. Gain insights into your soul's journey for profound healing and understanding.

Module 3

  • Delve into the mysteries of past lives, cellular memory and the profound Akashic Records.

  • Connect the dots between quantum science and the existence of past lives.

  • Understand the scientific underpinnings that support the concept of multiple lifetimes.

  • Learn effective techniques to uncover and interpret past life information.

  • Dive into this experiential journey to retrieve glimpses of past life experiences.

  • Collaborate with peers to unlock past lives for each other.

  • Share experiences and insights to deepen your understanding of this mystical realm.

  • Experience a guided meditation to access and embrace past life memories.

Whispers Beyond with Pet Mediumship

Connect with animal spirits and embrace the unique dynamics of pet mediumship. Learn to interpret their messages and offer guidance.

Module 4

  • Open the door to a captivating world of animal spirits and their profound significance.

  • Explore the initial steps toward forging connections and identifying the difference between pet and other types of mediumship connection.

  • Unveil the intricate dynamics of communicating with animals in the spirit realm.

  • Gain insights into the unique language and energies of these spiritual entities.

  • Acquire specialized techniques for conducting insightful pet mediumship readings.

  • Engage in hands-on exercises to practice connecting with animal spirits.

  • Foster a deeper understanding and connection through practical application.

Dog & Cat Pals
Signing a Contract

Navigating Soul Readings and Contractual Insights

 Understand soul contracts and their influence. Master techniques to interpret and navigate soul agreements for personal growth.

Module 5

  • Begin your exploration into the world of soul contracts.

  • Dive deeper into the concept of soul contracts and their far-reaching influence.

  • Acquire specialized techniques for deciphering and interpreting soul contracts.

  • Gain insights into the methods used to unveil the hidden messages within these agreements.

  • Engage in an immersive exercise to interpret and analyze soul contracts.

  • Explore real or hypothetical contracts to deepen your understanding.

  • Collaborate with peers to analyze and interpret various soul reading options.

  • Obtain the technical skills to navigate a complex soul contract reading whilst navigating various dimensions frequencies.

Harmonizing Energies with Chakra Insights 

 Deepen your understanding of chakras and their role in psychic readings. Refine your skills to interpret to provide insights for clients.

Module 6

  • Begin your journey by understanding the fundamental connection between chakras and psychic insights.

  • Unveil the gateway that chakras offer to psychic realms via dimensional chakra in a concise introductory session.

  • Explore the unique energies of each chakra and their impact on our psychic experiences and readings.

  • Acquire specialized techniques to conduct insightful chakra readings.

  • Learn to interpret and decipher the messages conveyed through chakra energies.

  • Engage in immersive exercises to practice interpreting chakra energies and provide energy readings.

Chakra reading
person aura

Evolving Skills in Aura Reading

 Advance your aura interpretation abilities. Explore colours, emotions, and patterns to enhance your insights into energetic fields. Ideal for those who can't see an aura.

Module 7

  • Elevate your understanding with advanced insights into aura interpretation.

  • Discover deeper layers and nuances within the colourful tapestry of auras.

  • Learn specialized techniques to read auras even without clairvoyant abilities.

  • Gain accessible methods to tap into the energies and meanings of auras.

  • Acquire advanced methodologies for conducting in-depth aura readings.

  • Refine your skills in analyzing aura patterns and their significance.

  • Engage in hands-on exercises to practice advanced aura reading techniques.

Unveiling the Psychic Detective

 Use your abilities to find lost items, or missing pets and people.

Delve into the world of psychic detection and uncover its diverse methodologies. 

Module 8

  • Gain insights into the tools and techniques used in psychic investigative practices.

  • Understand how various psychic gifts contribute uniquely to detection and insight.

  • Discover the art of remote viewing and its application in property exploration.

  • Learn to harness this psychic ability for investigative purposes.

  • Uncover specialized techniques for locating lost items, pets, and individuals using psychic methods.

  • Explore the nuances of conducting psychic searches in various scenarios.

  • Engage in a discourse on ethical considerations in psychic investigations.

  • Discuss the importance of boundaries and implications when utilizing psychic abilities for detection.

Desk Globe
Crime Scene Tape

Beyond the Veil: Forensic Mediumship in Action

 Unlock forensic mediumship techniques. Navigate ethical considerations and collaborate for insightful investigations.

Module 9

  • Explore the specialized techniques employed in forensic mediumship.

  • Unveil the unique methodologies utilized in uncovering information for investigations.

  • Understand the responsibilities and implications of working in this field.

  • Exchange perspectives and insights on maintaining ethical standards in this specialized area.

  • Examine case studies and ethical dilemmas faced when with families.

  • Enhance skills and understanding through immersive practice.

  • Participate in simulated scenarios replicating real forensic mediumship situations.

Unraveling Timelines and Liberation of the Past

 Refine timeline readings and future predictions. Explore healing past traumas and predicting future events ethically and responsibly.

Module 10

  • Fine-tune your skills in reading and interpreting timelines.

  • Explore methods to enhance accuracy and depth in timeline readings.

  • Dive deeper into advanced techniques for predicting future events.

  • Explore the healing aspects of timelines reading inherent in both past and future events.

  • Learn to navigate the balance between prediction and aiding in healing processes.

  • Explore the impact of historic events or traumas on timelines and predictions.

  • Understand how past events influence future trajectories.

  • Participate in breakout room discussions and exercises centered on historic events' implications.

  • Exchange insights and perspectives on the influences of historical occurrences

Astronomical Clock
Whats included

What's Included

10 x 90+minute Online Group Classes


20Week Course

Guided Meditations

Group Exercises

Practice Sessions

10 x Indepth Manuals



Coaching Call Record

Private Facebook Group

Certificate of Completion


A Total of 10 Sessions + 10 Manuals
Valued at $3950


Our courses redefine lives.

Completing a course with us not only transforms your life unexpectedly but also impacts those around you and the individuals you assist.

Live with purpose and become part of something remarkable.

Minimum Requirements

  • Completed the Intuition Amplified, or Intuit Psychic course or Eternal Soul Mediumship

  • Or, our Psychic Development Circle (minimum 2 blocks or 8+ classes)

  • Or, previously studied psychic, healing, or mediumship development elsewhere

  • Or, providing intuition guidance, psychic, healing, or mediumship practice, or professional sessions

  • Must have an understanding of which psychic abilities you have (feel, see, know, hear, taste, smell), how they work, a connection intention and how to connect

  • You must be willing to connect to the Spirit world and have experiences demonstrating these abilities.

  • You must be committed to practicing in your own time, at your own pace.

Not suitable for complete beginners. This class has assumed knowledge therefore best suits intermediate or above.

At the Office

Risk Free Guarantee

We are dedicated to your success and spiritual growth. Enroll and take the course for 14 days, complete module 1 and your coaching session. If you have engaged with the course by completing the exercises and actively participating in all assigned activities, yet it does not meet the outlined on this page, we will refund 100% of the tuition you paid.

 Discovery calls are available to ask questions, and we never pressure you to enroll.


Refunds do not apply for "change of mind"

Ready to unlock your unique potential?


Don't Pay $3950

Enrol now and embark on a transformative journey unlike any other!

Sign up TODAY ready to commence the course on the 28th of March 2024, at 7 pm (Sydney, Australia).

  • 10  Online Classes

  • Course runs from 28th March - 1st August 2024

  • Classes via Zoom every 2 weeks at Thursday 7 pm (Sydney, Australia) 

  • Experience LIVE interactive learning experience with workbooks and handouts

  • Classes are recorded to watch on replay and download to keep.


RRP  $3950

Enrolment closed

Special Offer $987

$107 x 10 Fortnightly Payments

All prices are shown in AUD

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Bronwyn Jane photo

Meet Your Coach

Meet Bronwyn Jane, an empowering Psychic Medium & Spiritual Coach who can guide you on this transformative journey.

As a working psychic medium and spiritual coach, Bronwyn draws from her extensive training and experience to offer you an authentic connection to Spirit. She has studied with world-renowned Psychic Mediums and Metaphysical educators, honing her skills to become an internationally Certified Psychic, Medium, and Spiritual Healer.

Bronwyn's passion for helping others extends beyond her psychic abilities. She is also a certified holistic counselor, life coach, and meditation teacher. Her formal studies in forensic mediumship, paranormal investigation, and psychic detection investigation have given her a unique perspective on the power of the mind and spirit.

With Bronwyn as your guide, you can unlock your true potential and discover a deeper connection to the spiritual world. Let her compassionate and grounded approach show you the way. Open your heart and step into the transformative journey that awaits.

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