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In 2020, Bronwyn Jane embarked on a transformative journey by establishing the Psychic Mediumship College, solidifying its reputation as a premier center for metaphysical education in Australia. Holding the esteemed title of LWISSD Master Teacher, Bronwyn, together with her college, leads the way, guiding and empowering numerous students each year on their profound spiritual paths.

Throughout her own spiritual growth, Bronwyn noticed that many individuals teaching psychic and mediumship development lacked formal validation of their abilities. Meaning they had not been formally tested and their abilities certified. Consequently, they lacked official qualifications or credentials for what they teach. 


This revelation astonished Bronwyn. She pondered a crucial question: would anyone willingly consult a hairdresser, mechanic, or doctor who had merely read a few books, watched some YouTube videos, and practiced a few techniques, without undertaking proper training? Yet, in the realm of psychic and mediumship development, unqualified individuals were teaching others every day. This stark disparity in standards motivated Bronwyn to establish the Psychic Mediumship College, aiming to raise the bar and ensure that aspiring psychics, mediums and healers receive authentic, structured, and ethical education from experienced qualified professional metaphysical educators.


Why Us......?

Reach Your Psychic and Mediumship Milestones and Experience the Depth of Your Gift Through Unique Courses

The Psychic Mediumship College is suitable for those who are just now realizing their intuitive abilities to experienced mediums looking to elevate their gifts to a professional level, our courses offer something for every level of spiritual development.


Developed by internationally renowned Psychic Medium, Spiritual Coach, and Educator Bronwyn Jane, our courses and teaching are highly ethical and backed by the industry’s highest international credentials to ensure you expedite your psychic and mediumship journey with extreme efficiency.


You can have confidence that when studying with us your qualification is backed by one of the world's most prestigious spiritual schools and is internationally recognized including within Australia, USA, England, Canada and Europe. 


Discover in record time how to not only recognize your gifts and understand them but grow them to reach their fullest potential!

Our Courses Leave No Stone Unturned

From drawing Spirit to you and interpreting their wisdom to sharpen your intuitive abilities and pushing past limiting beliefs and cementing your inner confidence, and so much more. We specialize in promoting life-changing and lasting self-growth, love, and acceptance.


This is because we believe the advancement of your natural gifts depends on doing the internal work first. When you work with us, you can expect a transformation from the inside out that ushers in an unparalleled level of self-actualization. 

To Us, You’re More Than a Number

At the Psychic Mediumship College, your success is our top priority and you can rest easy knowing you’ll never feel alone on this journey.


When learning from experienced and qualified educator Bronwyn Jane, you can expect to receive support that is equal parts nurturing, empowering, and informative. With over 15 years of development experience, Bronwyn is equipped with the expertise to identify which development styles will generate results.


We’re confident that like so many students before you, you’ll find the guidance you receive truly transformative. We’re ready and willing to meet you wherever you’re at and would be honoured to help guide you to where you’re meant to be. 

psychic mediumship college logo

The Psychic Mediumship College resonates with a unique energy, evident through its logo. A logo whose every aspect has been divinely channeled The central symbol, a channeled symbol from the Angelic realm, holds a profound, sacred intention with a high vibrational frequency. The colours signify open communication and clear thinking. Teal embodies the limitless expanse of earth's elements, representing truth, faith, and enlightenment. Simultaneously, blue embodies wisdom, strength, and integrity.

Within the emblem, the Seed of Life, found in the universal book of knowledge, symbolizes creation. Its intricate design delves into profound meanings and purposes, encapsulating an entire cosmology of consciousness within its geometric form. All encased by a divine ring of protection. Together, these elements harmonize to create the sacred essence of the Psychic Mediumship College, and why has been created at this time for the collective.

Bronwyn jane

The Soul of the College

Meet Bronwyn Jane, the founder and head teacher of the Psychic Mediumship College.

In the tapestry of life, there are a rare few who possess the unique ability to bridge the gap between worlds.

In 2017, Bronwyn made a courageous choice: she left behind a thriving retail business to embrace her true calling full-time. With a background as a senior manager in banking and finance and use to the corporate world this was taking her out of her comfort zone. A skeptic by nature, Bronwyn Jane embarked on a profound quest to unravel the mysteries that had surrounded her since childhood. This led her to invest thousands of hours in metaphysical training and practice spanning over 15 years. Guided by esteemed mentors like Lisa Williams and Tony Stockwell, Bronwyn delved deep into the realms of spirituality, honing her innate gifts and understanding.

Bronwyn's extraordinary abilities have not only made her a sought-after psychic medium providing over 400 readings each year but have also earned her international recognition. Regularly invited to speak in the US, inspiring, teaching, and enlightening with her grounded approach. Bronwyn's words resonate deeply, touching the very essence of the human spirit as her Australian humour and country-girl ground style shine through.


Bronwyn is not just a psychic medium practitioner; she is a Certified Master Teacher, dedicating her life to transforming lives through connection and education. Each year, she nurtures the talents of 100's of aspiring psychics and mediums, shaping them into confident, ethical, and skilled practitioners. Her approach is not merely theoretical; it's a fusion of experience, natural ability, and exceptional training.

Bronwyn, distinguished for her exemplary teaching and unwavering commitment to ethical standards, serves as a reputable instructor representing Lisa Williams at the Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development (LWISSD), and Psychic and Medium Training Academy (USA). Her responsibilities encompass the delivery of Lisa’s Certified Spiritual Advisors (CSA) signature course, and development circles, along with the instruction of various specialized courses offered by LWISSD, and the Psychic and Medium Training Academy (USA). Bronwyn Jane is also a recommended reader for Lisa Williams, to whom Lisa refers her clients.

What truly sets Bronwyn apart is her illustrious background, marked by her exceptional journey and international industry recognition. She has graced stages alongside the legendary Lisa Williams, demonstrating the intricate art of platform mediumship to vast audiences. And is a No. 1 best-selling author, her words have touched the hearts of many globally, weaving tales of wisdom, inspiration, and insight. 

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Master Teacher logo LWISSD
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International BEST SELLER
A Resilient Life - Resilience Under Fire,  Authored by Bronwyn Jane

Join me in this immersive experience—not just a book, but a conversation that beckons you to explore your resilience, reflect on your unique journey, and draw inspiration from the victories of others. With an open heart, flip through these pages. Let the wisdom within this book be your guide through life's complexities—offering inspiration, practical insights, and the courage to embrace your unique journey of moving forward.

Ready to embark on this transformative adventure? Let's begin together.

I share my story with immense appreciation for your journey alongside mine.

Available worldwide: AUUS, UK, CA, IT, SE, DE, FR, ES, NL, PL, JP

"Be All You Can Be"
Bronwyn Jane

A resilient life Book cover (2).png

At the Psychic Mediumship College, we firmly believe in the fundamental principle of equality for all. We stand as a beacon of inclusivity, embracing diversity in all its forms. Our commitment is unwavering: we do not discriminate based on race, creed, gender, sexual orientation, gender identification, religion, age, or any other defining characteristic.


In our community, every individual is respected, valued, and celebrated for who they are. We foster an environment where differences are not just accepted but embraced, recognizing that it is this rich tapestry of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives that strengthens us as a whole.

Bronwyn Jane holding a friend

The Heart Of The College


Introducing Cattie: Your Guardian in Customer Care

Meet Cattie, our esteemed Customer Care Manager, whose rich background in teaching, business administration, and accounting forms the cornerstone of her exceptional service ethos. Cattie's innate passion for engagement, coupled with her profound ability to listen and empathize, makes her an invaluable asset to our team and an unwavering support for our students.

Cattie embodies the essence of positivity, serenity, and kindness, qualities that have consistently elevated her performance in past customer service roles. Her approach goes beyond solving problems; it's about creating a nurturing environment where every interaction is an opportunity for support and growth. With Cattie at the helm of our customer care, rest assured that your journey with us will be met with understanding, efficiency, and a genuine desire to help.

Nurturing, Experienced & Passionate Sums Up Our Teachers

Introducing Ella: Your Compassionate Guide to Spiritual Growth

Dive into a world where intuition meets empathy with Ella, a mum of two and a highly qualified health professional, Ella is also a certified Psychic Medium renowned for her radiant warmth and deep-seated commitment to spiritual mentorship. Ella's mission transcends mere assistance; she aims to create a sanctuary for soulful exploration, offering her supportive presence as you embark on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual enlightenment. Her approach, characterized by patience and a vibrant personality, ensures a comforting and safe passage into the spiritual world.

Ella's unique blend of personal mediumship experience and psychic insight provides a nurturing backdrop for those eager to enhance their spiritual connections. She artfully combines her knowledge and heartfelt guidance, paving the way for a transformative experience that promises not just learning, but profound personal growth.


Meet Chanel: Your Enlightened Path to Spiritual Discovery

Step into a realm where the stars align and mysteries unfold with Chanel, a certified psychic, gifted tarot reader, astrologer, and metaphysical expert. Chanel comes from a nursing background but her zone of genius lies in her creativity, she is a gifted artist, and animal lover and all-round marketing genius. But her passion is metaphysics with strong natural healing abilities and a vast reservoir of knowledge, her innate teaching abilities make her a beacon for those seeking to navigate the intricate world of spirituality. Chanel demystifies the complex, this coupled with her authentic grounded approach and curious spirit, ensures your spiritual quest is both enlightening and accessible.

With Chanel, every session will be filled with a passion for exploration that knows no bounds. Chanel's deep connection with the spiritual realm and her enthusiasm for sharing her insights make her the perfect companion for those beginning their journey. 

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