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Our FAQs

  • What courses and education do you provide?
    In 2020 Bronwyn founded the Psychic Mediumship College. Within the college, you can access free meditations, educational blogs, eBooks, and online courses (self-led or with coaching) to enhance your spiritual development. Certificate and Certification Courses: Intuition Amplified Level 1 Intuit Psychic Level 2 The Eternal Soul Level 3 On-Demand Courses Oracle Card Mastery Mind Mastery (Self Development) Hold Your Inner Peace & Power (Protection & Grounding) Bringing Meditation & Mindfulness into Your World Tools to Lift Your Energy ( Gratitude & Stress Management) Embracing Psychic Kids How to Manifest Your Dreams Psychic Development Circle Mentoring Fire Hose Mentoring - 5 Intense Weeks 12-Month Personal Mentoring Free eBooks & Resources: Best Tips for Psychic Development Connecting to Spirit With Oracle Cards 5 Ways to Increase Your Psychic Abilities Simple Ways to Connect to Spirit How to Shift Unwanted Energy Embracing Psychic Children Guided Meditations Educational Blogs
  • Which course is right for me?
    Each certificate course and class has a specific focus and outcome. Therefore to determine which course is correct consider any previous study and your objective. To help you work your way through this we recommend speaking to Bronwyn. That being said, here is a brief overview: 1) Intuition Amplified Suits: Beginners Objective: Provide strong intuition and psychic development foundation knowledge. 2) Intuit Psychic Suits: Intermediate * People who have sat in a development circle or completed self-study or another psychic development course. Objective: Build a relationship with your Spirit Guide and know how to provide psychic readings without tools. 3) The Eternal Soul Mediumship Suits: Intermediate - Advance Objective: Ability to connect to spirit and understand clear and concise messages from past loved ones. 4) Bespoke Psychic Suits: Intermediate - Advance Objective: Learn specialty psychic and mediumship reading techniques. 5) Psychic Class (Circle) Suits: All levels Objective: This is a practical learning environment delivered in 6 ongoing session blocks with no end date. These classes are designed to practice reading skills and build your connection with your spiritual team while working with your peers. There are no handouts, resources, or notes provided, limited theory learning space. 6) Master Classes Suits: All levels Objective: Short self-study online courses targeting specific topics like meditation, oracle card reading, protection & grounding, gratitude & stress management, chakras, Askashic record and psychic kids. 7) Mind Mastery Suits: Anyone - Any level Objective: For people seeking to grow personally, have blocks, manage stress and worries, achieve their goals, heal from past pains and trauma, self-actualise, manifest, BE THE BEST THEY CAN BE! The course is for everyone!!!! and for anyone who wants to be ready this is a must Watch Now Booklet Still not sure? Click here to book a call with Bronwyn
  • What credentials does Bronwyn Jane have?
    Bronwyn has studied with world-renowned Psychic Mediums, as well as some exceptional Metaphysical educators. In conjunction with being an internationally Certified Psychic, Medium, and Healer, Bronwyn is also a certified LWISSD Master Teacher, certified in parapsychology and advanced metaphysics. As well as being a certified holistic counsellor, life coach, and meditation teacher. She also has completed formal studies in forensic mediumship, paranormal investigation, and psychic detection investigation, and has diplomas in channeling and akashic records. You can view more of Bronwyn's credentials and qualifications here. Learn more about Bronwyn's life and journey here.
  • Can I speak to someone about the course?
    Yes, schedule a call with Bronwyn to discuss your objective, previous development and if Bronwyn is able to help you reach your goals. Book a call
  • When does the course start?
    You can commence the course anytime. Work your way through the modules at your own pace. Coaching commences as indicated on the course sign-up page. We recommend completing the self-study before coaching. Then revisit the content as you undertake coaching to ensure you have integrated the knowledge, skills and tips. Zoom Calls Group coaching calls are every 2 weeks at 7 pm (Sydney, Australia). Your package includes: Intuition Amplified Course - 4 calls Intuit Psychic Course - 6 calls Eternal Soul Mediumship - 8 calls To get the most out of your learning experience we recommend attending LIVE Zoom group coaching. If you are unable to attend coaching a recording of the coaching call will be available within 1 business day to watch the replay. Any calls not attended are included in your allotted calls. ​Group coaching commenced as per the coaching calendar. Mentoring We coordinate your and Bronwyn's diary when scheduling coaching. Your call will be on the same day & time every 2 weeks. The start date for coaching is flexible subject to the agreed date. ​ International Mentoring Students Your 1-2-1 Zoom coaching call will be scheduled at a time that is convenient for you and that aligns with both you and Bronwyn.
  • Can someone really open up their abilities through your courses?
    Yes, yes you can. Bronwyn has meticulously developed her programs to fast-forward psychic development. Bronwyn's programs are packed with years of metaphysical knowledge and experience, all formatted in such a way as to move you forward, faster. Unlike many other psychic development courses, Bronwyn’s requires you to unlock the blocks that are holding you back. It explains energy in depth so you can conceptualize what it is you are actually doing. And it provides the tools needed to use your own unique style of intuition. This is not a cookie-cutter program because you also have the opportunity to access individual LIVE support. This package is geared to raise your energy and hone your own unique individual intuition. With your hard work and focus, anything is possible.
  • Is this course recognized?
    Subject to the course option selected, our Intuition Amplified, Intuit Psychic, The Eternal Soul Mediumship and the Diploma courses are recognized with either a certificate of completion or certification as a professional reader. To achieve these recognitions students are required to complete all coaching sessions, exercises, homework, assessments, workbooks, and practical work. All courses at the Psychic Mediumship Collage are of the highest industry standard in Australia and are backed by one of the highest international industry credentials. But unfortunately, due to the scientific "unproven" nature of psychic and mediumship the Australian government has not provided RTO numbers to any industry-based educators to date.
  • Do you offer mentoring?
    Yes, there are different mentoring options: Intuit Psychic Reading Certification with 1:1 mentoring The Eternal Soul Mediumship Certification with 1:1 mentoring Mind Mastery with 1:1 mentoring for profound personal growth & healing Fire Hose Program - 5 intensive weekly sessions 6 Months of Personal Mentoring Psychic Mediumship Diploma - 18 months of in-depth development for those people wanting to be professional readers with 1 or 2 specialties ie Medical Intuition, Psychic Detection etc
  • How can I pay for my course?
    We also accept the following payment options. Please note if you wish to pay with Afterpay please email us for an Afterpay invoice.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    Yes, we offer payment plans. Check your desired course for more information on this.
  • Where are you located?
    We are located in Sydney, Australia. All times for classes are displayed in AEST / AEDT i.e local time for Sydney Australia.
  • When are the Zoom coaching sessions?
    Zoom Calls Group coaching calls are every 2 weeks via Zoom. The times shown are local Sydney, Australia time. Your course coaching is: Intuition Amplified Course - Tuesday at 7 pm (4 sessions) Intuit Psychic Course - Tuesday at 7 pm (6 sessions) Eternal Soul Mediumship - Wednesday at 7 pm (8 sessions) To get the most out of your learning experience we recommend attending LIVE Zoom group coaching. If you are unable to attend coaching a recording of the coaching call will be available within 1 business day to watch the replay. Any calls not attended are included in your allotted calls. ​Group coaching commenced as per the coaching calendar. Mentoring We coordinate your and Bronwyn's diary when scheduling coaching. Your call will be on the same day & time every 2 weeks. The start date for coaching is flexible subject to the agreed date. ​ International Mentoring Students Your 1-2-1 Zoom coaching call will be scheduled at a time that is convenient for you and that aligns with both you and Bronwyn.
  • What is my time commitment?
    You will need to commit 2 hours per week to complete the online content. Additional time is recommended for practicing your new skills and completing the exercises. We recommend aiming to complete 1 module every 2 weeks. As with any course the more you put into your development the more you will get out of the course. Coaching is a 90-min commitment every 2 weeks.
  • How do I access a course I paid for?
    Master Classes Click on the course purchased. Create an account on the website. Ensure you use the email address linked to your payment. Sign in to gain access, Intuition Amplified, Intuit Psychic, THe Etneral SOul Mediumship & Awaken Soul Courses Complete your payment and create an account on the website. An email with your access link will be sent once your payment and account are verified. Please allow 1 business day.
  • What happens if I miss a course payment?
    As indicated in your student handbook, if you do not complete payment the sales contract has been broken, therefore your access to the course and any coaching or support will be revoked immediately. We recommend contacting our office to discuss this rather than breaking the sales contract.
  • What if I don't finish the course in the 8-16 weeks?
    It is recommended a module be completed every 2 weeks. We understand life happens therefore you have 12 months' access to the course so you can take your time! No rush at all. Focus on a module until you are ready to move to the next. Work at the speed that is perfect for you. That being said, coaching calls follow a 2-week schedule, meaning they may discuss content before you complete it.
  • What if I don't want to become a professional reader?
    Almost 90% of people who undertake Bronwyn’s courses do so simply to improve their personal intuition and improve their own lives and do not wish to become professionals.
  • Can I pause the course if needed?
    Students undertaking 1:1 mentoring are able to pause their course. In this circumstance contact us and we will make arrangements to pause your coaching calls. You will resume the course at a time convenient to you. To remain in the course any payment plans would need to continue while coaching is paused. If you are in group coaching and unable to attend your coaching session. We provide a recording of the coaching session by email within 24 hours to enable you to watch on replay. You don't miss out! Deferral Policy
  • How long do I have access to the course?
    After enrolling, you have 12 months of access to this course - across any and all devices you own.
  • What device do I need for this course?
    We recommend completing this course with a computer, laptop, or iPad. Whilst the course can be completed on your mobile phone the experience is impacted by the mobile version. Downloads are in PDF. Coaching calls are conducted on zoom.
  • What if I need more support during the course?
    While study with us you will receive support via email, phone (if required), our Facebook group and online coaching. Students undertaking 1:1 mentoring also have additional personal support outside their coaching from Bronwyn via Voxer direct to her phone. If you require in-person support then we recommends booking a mentoring sessions. During these sessions, we can delve deep into specific areas of focus. ​
  • How do I access the Facebook group?
    The Facebook group is for all Bronwyn's students including her psychic, reading, mediumship, and healing students. This group is for students to connect with each other, ask and answer questions, share knowledge and experiences. You can access the Facebook group here
  • I want the course mentoring option but it says "closed", What do I do?
    Email us to join the waitlist. Once the current cohort has completed the course we'll accept new enrolments. Those on the wait list will be offered the first option.
  • I think my child is psychic.
    Bronwyn offers an array of services to assist your psychic and intuitive child or yourself from courses, and video programs to individual support. Courses Embracing Psychic Kids Support Psychic Children
  • What can I expect when taking a course?
  • Do you offer in-person study, classes, or mentoring?
    We offer live classes, coaching, and mentoring sessions via Zoom to ensure we meet the needs of our students, regardless of their location.
  • How can I access my course?
    Go to Click on student portal on the upper right corner of the page. Select the course you've enrolled to. Note: Course access is given 24 business hours upon enrollment. If it's more than 24 business hours and you haven't received your access yet, contact us at
  • When does coaching starts?
    You can check the coaching dates through the following, Student Calendar Go to under Key Dates.
  • I'm in Group Coaching. Can I defer my studies with PMC?
    Please refer to the student handbook on page 70 - Deferral Policy for Group Coaching Students
  • I'm on 1 on 1 Coaching. Can I defer my studies at PMC?
    Please refer to the student handbook on page 72 - Deferral Policy for Mentoring Students
  • Can I get a refund?
    Please refer to the Student Handbook - Refunds
  • Can I take a course?
    Yes, students from the USA, Canada, Norway, the UK, Lebanon, Spain, the Philippines, India, and South Africa, and New Zealand have studied with us. We offer on-demand short courses. There are also self-study options for our Personal Development program and Intuition Amplified, beginners course. All other certificate courses included group coaching. Subject to your time zone this may be suitable. Where it is inconvenient we provide a recording of all coaching sessions. Meaning you don't miss out on this valuable content.
  • Can I undertake mentoring?
    Yes, we co-ordinate a time which works both for our and your time zone to ensure you can access mentoring.
  • What is the price for international students and how can I pay?
    All prices shown are in Australian dollars. No additional taxes are included. Payment is available by PayPal or credit card. Subject to your location this can make our course very cost-effective.
  • Are there any discounts on courses?
    Here are the ways to SAVE with us. We also have an affiliate program and refer a friend ​
  • Do you have an Affiliate Program?
    We have a great affiliate program, whereby you earn between 10-15% on every course. Join our program and share your link with friends, family, clients and your social media following.
  • I don't want to take a class or course but I need help with a spiritual topic.
    We recommend booking a 45-minute Awaken Reading with Bronwyn Jane where she can guide you. These sessions are great if you need help on: Your purpose, Psychic attacks, Understanding a spiritual experience, Tips to move you along on your spiritual journey.
  • Can you recommend a reader or healer?
    You can either work with Bronwyn Jane, the founder of the college or one of certified readers or healers. To see the full list of recommended service providers refer to our directory.
  • How can I book a reading with Bronwyn Jane
    To book a reading with Bronwyn Jane click here
  • How do I purchase a gift voucher?
    Gift cards / vouchers can be purchased here
  • How do I redeem my gift voucher?
    Enter your gift card number at checkout. If you have any problems please email us: Your name & email Voucher number
  • How do I check the balance of my gift voucher?
    Email us your details and the gift card reference number.
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