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Welcome to Intuit Psychic: Mastering Tool-Free Spirit Communication

Unleash Your Natural Psychic Abilities in Just 12 Weeks




Discover the Power of Pure Intuition

  • Direct Connection to Spirit: Learn to receive and interpret spiritual messages without reliance on external aids like cards or crystals.


  • Authentic & Fulfilling Readings: Achieve a level of authenticity in your readings that resonates deeply both for you and those you read for.




What You'll Receive:

  • 12 Weeks of Comprehensive Instruction: Progress through a structured curriculum designed to unlock your psychic potential.


  • 4.5 Hours of Engaging Video Tutorials: Visual and practical learning to enhance your understanding and skills.


  • Five Guided Meditations: Center your mind and strengthen your connection to Spirit.


  • Over Ten Downloadable Handouts and Workbooks: Keep valuable resources at your fingertips for quick reference and deepened learning.


  • Interactive Exercises: Sharpen your intuitive abilities through practical application.


  • Private Facebook Group Access: Connect with fellow learners in a supportive online community.


  • Live Group Exercises & Practice: Engage in real-time learning with peers to refine your techniques.


  • Group Q&A Sessions: Get your questions answered in interactive, supportive group settings.


  • Six 90-Minute Group Zoom Calls: Deepen your learning experience with live, expert-led sessions.


  • Certificate of Completion: A formal recognition of your newfound psychic abilities and dedication.




Enhanced Learning Experience:

  • Streamlined Navigation & Clear Layout: Easy access to all course materials and community features.


  • Interactive Content Design: Engaging visuals and interactive elements make learning enjoyable and effective.


  • Mobile & Desktop Friendly: Learn on the go or at home with our adaptable platform.




Enroll Now in the Intuit Psychic Certificate Course 


Embrace your inner psychic and start delivering readings that are as profound as they are tool-free.



Join now and transform your spiritual abilities!



Start anytime and complete the self-study online comment. Then join the LIVE coaching call in the next intake. There are two coaching intakes per year




The Last Coaching Intake for 2024 - Closes on 16th July




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Intuit Psychic Course + Group Coaching

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