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Transform Your Spiritual Journey with "The Universe WITHIN" Channeling Course

Elevate Your Channeling Abilities in Just 6 Weeks



Why Choose "The Universe WITHIN"?

  • Expertly Crafted Curriculum: Each week unfolds new insights and techniques, allowing you to engage deeply with the spiritual realm.


  • Comprehensive Learning Experience: From guided meditations to practical exercises, every aspect is designed to enhance your mystical prowess.



Course Features:

  • Six 90-Minute Online Group Classes: Dive into extensive sessions each week, crafted to deepen your understanding and skills in spiritual channeling.


  • Guided Meditations: Achieve profound states of relaxation and connectivity with the spiritual world through expert-led meditations.


  • Interactive Group Exercises: Participate in exercises that foster community learning and enhance your practical skills.


  • Practice Sessions: Apply what you’ve learned in real-time, ensuring skills are not just understood, but mastered.


  • Exclusive Handouts: Gain access to specially designed materials that support your learning and growth beyond the classes.


  • Recorded Coaching Calls: Review and revisit transformative coaching sessions at your pace to reinforce your learning.


  • Private Facebook Group Access: Join a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who support and enrich your journey.


  • Certificate of Completion: Celebrate your commitment and success with a certificate that acknowledges your new capabilities.




Don't miss this opportunity to transform your spiritual abilities and connect with a supportive community.



Enroll now and start your journey with "The Universe WITHIN"!




This course is available once every 18 months. - Enrolment closes 25th July 2024




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The Universe Within, Channeling Course + Group Coaching

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