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Embracing Psychic & Sensitive Kids

  • Do you have a child that knows information about people who have passed that they never knew? 

  • Does your child have conversations with an imaginary friend? 

  • Does your child know when you don’t feel emotionally well?

  • Do they seem to intuitively know when something is wrong or going to happen?

  • Does your child have vivid dreams or is woken up from nightmares?

  • Are they affraid of the dark or have trouble sleeping?

  • Is your child overwhelmed by crowds or loud noises?

Support & Guidance for Psychic Children

These are signs that your child may possess psychic abilities.

As a parent, there may come a time when your child reveals experiences that may be difficult to comprehend, such as seeing things that are not there or sensing things beyond what the five senses can detect. It can be overwhelming to distinguish between a child's active imagination and something more profound.

It's natural to feel anxious and uncertain about how to respond when your child is experiencing something you don't entirely understand. It's even more challenging to find someone who can empathize and offer genuine help.

As a psychic medium and a parent of a psychic medium, I have first-hand experience in understanding the unique challenges faced by children with psychic abilities. Over the past decade, I've assisted numerous families by providing them with knowledge, tools, and skills to support their children throughout various stages of psychic and sensitive development.

If you're looking for guidance, education, or support for you or your child, our service can provide the help you need.

Meet Bronwyn as she explains the service  



Duration: Each session is 90mins

Where: In-person at Harrington Park (Friday)

             Zoom (Monday, Thursday or Friday)

Exchange: $250 AUD per session

All prices are shown in AUD

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