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Top 10 Schools for Psychic and Mediumship Development

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

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The realm of metaphysical and spiritual development is a profound journey of self-discovery and growth. However, in an industry that remains largely unregulated, choosing the right course or school is crucial. In this guide, we'll explore the key factors to consider when selecting Australian and international spiritual development courses and schools. We'll also highlight some of the top institutions and colleges.

Psychic and Mediumship Development Courses & Classes:

When considering spiritual development courses and schools, one must pay close attention to the credentials of the founders and principal teachers. These individuals should be tested and certified not only in psychic and mediumship abilities but also as teachers within the industry. Additionally, it's crucial to ensure that the school is a registered business in the relevant state or country and holds appropriate insurance. Legitimate institutions will openly display their credentials, which can be confirmed.

Psychic Mediumship College Australia

Course Transparency:

In the world of spiritual development courses, transparency is paramount. Reputable schools should provide extensive detailed course descriptions that outline what students will be learning. They should also specify how the course content is delivered, whether through in-person or online live classes, online modules, or a combination of both. As well as the type of learning styles covered or how the content is presented like videos, written material, handouts, workbooks or audio content. Furthermore, prospective students should have access to teacher profiles, allowing them to research the qualifications and experience of instructors.

Selecting the Right Psychic, Mediumship or Spiritual Development Course:

Choosing the right spiritual development course is a significant decision. To make an informed choice, consider the following factors:

  • Can you speak to the teacher before enrolling to confirm if the course is correct for you?

  • Are all fees and charges displayed and is there a payment plan option?

  • Is there a money-back guarantee and what is the return policy? Does it comply with local consumer laws?

  • What type of ongoing support is provided?

  • Can you obtain support from staff as required during the course?

Alignment with Your Goals: Select a course that aligns with your spiritual development objectives. Whether you're interested in psychic abilities, mediumship, meditation, personal development & healing, or other metaphysical subjects, ensure that the course covers your areas of interest and will meet your learning objective.

Reviews and Testimonials: Seek out reviews and testimonials from former students. Honest feedback can provide valuable insights into the course's effectiveness and the credibility of the school. Due to the lack of credibility for website-written testimonials ensure a school or college displays both Google reviews and video testimonials. Neither of these types of testimonials can be edited by the school therefore are credible.

Accreditation or Recognition: While there may not be a registered training number or RTO for psychic, mediumship or other spiritual courses within Australia or internationally. Or even an official industry-specific accreditation, some reputable schools may hold accreditation or recognition from relevant industry organizations or associations. Others hold industry credentials to verify the level of expertise of the teacher, principal or founder. This can be a positive indicator of quality.

Caution should be taken for blanket associations or non-industry-specific credentials. These types of associations and bodies do not test or verify skills or abilities to ensure teachers, practitioners or businesses to ensure they have the appropriate expertise to teach their content. Sadly, within Australia, many institutes and associations representing psychics and mediums including relevant courses are marketing portals for course distributors and insurance brokers.

That being said, international industry leaders are currently undertaking to have their courses and credentials recognized by governing bodies worldwide. This is expected to be completed by 2026-27 which will cover the Psychic Mediumship College, LWISSD and smaller course providers.

Girls learning

Red Flags in Spiritual Development

Courses and Schools: As you explore psychic, mediumship and spiritual development courses, colleges and schools, be vigilant for the following red flags that may indicate unskilled practitioners or unethical practices:

Lack of Credentials: Be cautious if founders and teachers cannot provide evidence of their certifications and expertise.

Vague Course Descriptions: Avoid courses with unclear or ambiguous descriptions that do not clearly outline what students will learn and how.

Gurus: Developing your spiritual gifts requires vulnerability. Unfortunately, there have been reports of incidents of unethical spiritual teachers taking advantage of students' vulnerability, alienating them from their friends, family and community as a requirement to undertake their courses and filling their heads with falsehoods in the name of energy maintenance. If a teacher or course facilitator requires you to take certain actions to enroll in a course - run! Just because no one talks about cult behaviour hidden in the spiritual industry doesn't mean it's not there. Be careful it is dangerous. Promises of Immediate Mastery: True spiritual growth takes time and practice; avoid schools that promise instant mastery. High-Pressure Sales Tactics: Any institution pressuring you into enrollment or upselling additional services should be viewed skeptically.

Top Schools and Courses in Australia and Internationally: Now, let's explore some of the top spiritual development schools and courses in both Australia and internationally.

Psychic Mediumship College (Australia): Founded by internationally certified and tested psychic medium and master teacher Bronwyn Jane, this college is a beacon of excellence in psychic and mediumship education. Since its foundation in 2020, it has quickly become the premier psychic and mediumship development college in Australia for people wishing to undertake either group or individual learning in a nurturing, practical ground environment.

Many of Psychic Mediumship College graduates go on to have successful careers within the industry. The Psychic Mediumship College is also one of the only colleges to offer opportunities for students to work within the college as certified readers and teachers. The founder Bronwyn Jane is an industry expert and under industry leaders like Lisa Williams and Tony Stockwell highlights her dedication to providing top-notch education in the field. She also holds the qualification of Master Teacher.

Lisa Williams International School of Development, also known as LWISSD (USA): Lisa Williams, an intentionally renowned psychic medium, TV star of 3 shows, author of best-selling books and speaker who offers a globally recognized platform for spiritual growth and development with over 12 years of educational experience and 30 years of industry experience. With a strong emphasis on authenticity and professionalism, this school attracts students from around the world seeking to expand their spiritual abilities.

Tony Stockwell's Soul Space (UK): Tony Stockwell, a distinguished medium, TV presenter and author, provides a nurturing space for those seeking to enhance their psychic abilities and connect with the spirit world. His school's reputation for excellence in mediumship education is well-established. Tony is also a guest teacher at the Arthur Findlay College.

Arthur Findlay College (UK): This prestigious institution in the United Kingdom has a long-standing reputation for offering exceptional courses in mediumship, spiritualism, and psychic development. The college's commitment to the highest standards of education has made it a global hub for spiritual seekers.

Heath and Harmony College (Australia): With a focus on holistic and spiritual education, Heath and Harmony College offers a range of online self-study courses to support personal and spiritual growth. Their diverse curriculum caters to individuals with various spiritual interests and backgrounds.

Radleigh Valentine School (USA): Radleigh is a well-known author, spiritual teacher, and angel intuitive. He is primarily recognized for his work in the field of angel and tarot card readings. Radleigh is the co-author of several popular oracle card decks in collaboration with Doreen Virtue, another prominent figure in the New Age and spiritual community.

Colby Rebel School (USA): Colby is an international psychic medium, and spiritual teacher teaching others how to develop their own psychic medium abilities. Colby was voted 2022 Best of Los Angeles.

College of Psychic Studies (UK): The College of Psychic Studies for activating your psychic abilities.

Udemy (International): Udemy is an online learning platform that offers a wide range of courses on various topics including psychic and mediumship development. It is a marketplace for both instructors and students. Courses are self-study at a competitive price point.

Kerry Nelson School (Australia): Kerry is a psychic medium and spiritual teacher. She has been teaching since 2016 within country NSW. She offers circles, mentoring and workshops.

As you embark on your spiritual journey, whether through consultations with gifted psychic mediums or enrollment in spiritual development courses, prioritize institutions with credible founders and teachers, transparent course descriptions, and positive student feedback. Whether you choose the Psychic Mediumship College or another esteemed school, your path to spiritual growth will be guided by genuine experts. By selecting wisely, you can embrace your spiritual development with confidence and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery that encompasses both exceptional psychic experiences and comprehensive spiritual education.


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