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The Universe WITHIN

Channeling Course: Master the Art of Channeling Spiritual Energies

Join us for a profound journey of Self-Discovery and Spiritual Mastery
The Universe WITHIN, Channeling Course!

Welcome to a journey unlike any other. Our course, "The Universe WITHIN", offers an unparalleled opportunity to connect deeply with the spiritual realm and harness energies that can profoundly transform your channeling abilities over 6 weekly classes. This course is designed for those who seek to embrace their inner mysticism and learn the sacred art of spiritual channeling.

"Unlock the whispers of the universe; channeling is the key to hearing the subtle symphony of the cosmos and transforming its vibrations into a dance of enlightenment. Each whisper holds the secrets of universal connection, illuminating the paths of others with the light of wisdom and healing."

Let's Unpack the Mysteries of the Universe Together!


Ever feel like you're just scratching the surface of your spiritual potential?


Imagine if you could dive deeper, reach further, and truly connect with the cosmic forces that influence our lives. That's exactly what our Channeling Mastery Course offers—a chance to not just learn but to experience the profound layers of the celestial world.


Do you sense there’s more to your abilities that you haven't yet tapped into?


The Universe Within, Channeling Mastery Course is designed to propel you into the higher echelons of spiritual enlightenment and connection. If you've ever felt the urge to deepen your understanding of the universe, or to use your innate gifts to heal and guide others, this course is your gateway.

Think about it:..... What if you could tap into ancient wisdom, channel higher energies, and actually see the impact on your daily life and those around you? This isn't just about expanding your spiritual toolkit; it's about transforming your whole approach to spiritual connection.

  • Stuck in Your Spiritual Journey? Let's push through those barriers together.

  • Curious About Higher Energies? You’ll learn to harness and channel them like a pro.

  • Want to Explore New Dimensions? We’ll take you there, safely and enlighteningly.



Our course isn’t just a series of classes—it’s a journey we take together. With Bronwyn Jane as your expert guide, she has been where you are and is ready to help you navigate from where you are now to where you dream to be.

Each class is a stepping stone to mastering your channeling capabilities, ensuring you progress with confidence and clarity.

What's Covered

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Mastering the Art of Channeling

 This immersive class guides you through the foundational knowledge and advanced techniques necessary to safely and effectively engage in channeling.

Class 1

  • Learn the fundamentals of channeling, including different types, historical context, and how it differs from other spiritual practices.

  • Explore various methods like consciousness, trance, automatic writing, and more to find the best fit for your channeling abilities.

  • Understand the key differences and levels of consciousness involved in various channeling practices.

  • Discover how to ready your mind, body, and space for channeling and learn mental clarity techniques.

  • Tackle common obstacles and learn strategies to overcome them, enhancing your channeling skills.

Connecting with Your Higher Self & Beyond

Explore the expansive realms of your spiritual existence as you learn how to connect with your Higher Self and explore beyond the physical dimensions.

Class 2

  • Delve into the concept of the Higher Self, its role in channeling, and how it guides your evolution.

  • Learn practical methods to enhance communication with your Higher Self.

  • Explore the ancient technique of scrying as a tool to facilitate clearer channeling experiences.

  • Master the use of controlled breathing to deepen your channeling state and enhance spiritual connectivity.

  • Gain insights into navigating the 4D, 5D, and 6D astral dimensions, and learn techniques to safely explore these higher realms.

  • Understand how to identify and communicate with your spiritual guides and guardian entities.

  • Learn essential practices for disconnecting from higher frequencies to ensure your physical and energetic well-being.

  • The critical role of self-care routines to maintain energy balance and spiritual health throughout your channeling practices.

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The Power of Channeling

 Explore the significance of channeling in spiritual growth and its broader impact on the world.

Class 3

  • Discover why channeling is a key practice for spiritual development and personal growth.

  • Explore how channeling can be used to help others, influence global consciousness, and bring healing to those you care about.

  • Learn techniques to raise your vibrations, which in turn improves your channeling effectiveness.

  • Understand the dynamics of trance as a channeling state, including how to recognize and manage the shift from conscious channeling to trance.

  • Analyze what impacts your ability to maintain or control trance, and how external and internal factors play a role.

  • Learn how to establish and nurture connections with angelic beings for guidance and support.

Energy, Ascension, and Expression

Explores the pathways of how channeling energy enters the body, connects with ascended masters, and harnesses beliefs to enhance the channeling experience.

Class 4

  • Understand how channeling energy enters and affects our body.

  • Explore the transpersonal point and its role in channeling.

  • Learn methods to establish and maintain connections with ascended masters for guidance and enlightenment.

  • Examine how your personal beliefs can influence your channeling abilities and how to align them.

  • Discover techniques to allow channeling to become a more immersive, transformative experience.

  • Learn practices aimed at activating your third eye and pineal gland to enhance perceptual abilities.

  • Unlock the most effective methods for energy cleansing.

  • Dive into the creative world of channeled art, learning how to express spiritual messages and energies through artistic creation.

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Exploring Light Language & Channeling Frequencies

Deepen your understanding of spiritual communication techniques, activate your light body, and learn about the protective practices necessary for safe channeling.

Class 5

  • Discover Light Language, how it functions, and its origins.

  • Learn about this unique form of spiritual communication and its transformative power.

  • Explore techniques to activate your light body and understand the role of the Merkaba in ascension.

  • Dive into the science of sound frequencies used in channeling, focusing on which hertz levels are most conducive to deep spiritual connections.

  • Learn essential grounding techniques and protective measures to ensure safety and stability during and after channeling sessions.

  • Develop skills to more effectively engage with and interpret the communications received through channeling, enhancing both understanding and practical application.

Sacred Geometry, Realms and Dimensional Chakras 

 Refine your channeling practices through a focused exploration of mindset, sacred geometry, and the understanding of dimensional realms.

Class 6

  • Understand the critical role of mindset and mindfulness in preparing for successful channeling sessions. Learn techniques to enhance mental clarity and focus.

  • Gain insights into the various levels of spiritual realms, and understand how they interact with channeling practices.

  • Learn about the power of sacred geometry, including the Fibonacci spiral while channeling.

  • Explore what dimensional chakras are, how they function, and techniques to activate these higher energy centers for advanced channeling.

  • Discover which sacred geometry shapes are most effective for different channeling scenarios and how to use them strategically.

  • Develop skills to channel at an advanced level, bringing through higher levels of consciousness and accessing profound spiritual insights.

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Whats included

What's Included

6 Weekly Classes

6 x 90+minute Online Group Classes

Guided Meditations

Group Exercises

Practice Sessions


Coaching Call Record

Private Facebook Group

Certificate of Completion


A Total of 6 Sessions
Valued at $1332


Our courses redefine lives.

Completing a course with us not only transforms your life unexpectedly but also impacts those around you and the individuals you assist.

Live with purpose and become part of something remarkable.

Minimum Requirements

  • Completed the Intuition Amplified, or Intuit Psychic course or Eternal Soul Mediumship

  • Or, sat in a Psychic Development Circle

  • Or, previously studied psychic, healing, or mediumship development elsewhere

  • You must be willing to connect to the Spirit world and have experiences demonstrating these abilities.

  • You must be committed to practicing in your own time, at your own pace.

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Risk Free Guarantee

We are committed to your success and transformation. Take this course for 14 days to complete module 1. If you have supported your learning by completing the exercises and actively participating in your learning, and the course has met the expectations displayed on this page, we'll refund 100% of the tuition paid.

Refunds do not apply for "change in mind"

Ready to unlock your unique potential?


Don't Pay $1322

Enrol now and embark on a transformative journey unlike any other!

Sign up TODAY ready to commence the course on the 25th of July 2024, at 7 pm (Sydney, Australia).

  • 6 Weekly Online Classes

  • Course runs from 25 July - 22nd August 2024

  • Classes via Zoom every week at Thursday 7 pm (Sydney, Australia) 

  • Experience LIVE interactive development

  • Classes are recorded to watch on replay


RRP  $1332

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Meet Your Coach

Bronwyn Jane photo

Meet Bronwyn Jane, an empowering Psychic Medium & Spiritual Coach who can guide you on this transformative journey.

As a working psychic medium and spiritual coach, Bronwyn draws from her extensive training and experience to offer you an authentic connection to Spirit. She has studied with world-renowned Psychic Mediums and Metaphysical educators, honing her skills to become an internationally Certified Psychic, Medium, and Spiritual Healer.

Bronwyn's passion for helping others extends beyond her psychic abilities. She is also a certified holistic counselor, life coach, and meditation teacher. Her formal studies in forensic mediumship, paranormal investigation, and psychic detection investigation have given her a unique perspective on the power of the mind and spirit.

With Bronwyn as your guide, you can unlock your true potential and discover a deeper connection to the spiritual world. Let her compassionate and grounded approach show you the way. Open your heart and step into the transformative journey that awaits.

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