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Elevate Your Mediumship with the "Eternal Soul Advanced Mediumship" Course

Accelerate Your Spiritual Development and Master Mediumship in 16 Weeks



Deepen Your Spiritual Connections

  • Advanced Techniques: Learn to form profound connections with Spirit, enhancing your energetic experiences beyond the ordinary.


  • Tailored Guidance: Receive personalized mentoring to refine your skills and develop a specialty in areas like communicating with loved ones or animals.



What's Included in Your Course:

  • 16-Week Detailed Curriculum: Dive into 9 transformative modules designed to deepen your mediumship abilities.


  • 9.5 Hours of Video Tutorials: Engage with comprehensive video content that guides you through complex concepts and techniques.


  • Eight Guided Meditations: Enhance your spiritual connectivity and inner peace through targeted meditations.


  • Ten Downloadable Handouts & Workbooks: Access essential materials anytime to complement your learning.


  • Audio Tutorials and Exercises: Strengthen your skills with audio lessons and practical exercises.


  • Group Q&A Sessions: Clarify your doubts and gain insights in a collaborative environment.


  • Private Facebook Group: Join a community of peers for support and shared growth.


  • Eight 90-Minute Group Coaching Calls: Participate in live coaching to refine your practice and discuss progress with peers.




Plus Exclusive Private Mentoring with Bronwyn:

  • Five Months of Personal Coaching: Benefit from tailored one-on-one guidance to excel in mediumship.


  • Eight Personal Coaching Sessions (60+ Minutes Each): Deep dive into your personal challenges and opportunities for growth.


  • Business Development Call: Strategize to turn your mediumship skills into a sustainable business.


  • Mentoring for Up to 20 Practice Readings: Receive detailed feedback to perfect your technique.


  • Mediumship Self-Care Workbook: Focus on maintaining your well-being while practicing mediumship.


  • Pro-Skill Educational Resources: Elevate your mediumship with advanced learning materials and handouts.


  • Continuous Personal Support: Access ongoing assistance between sessions for sustained progress.


  • Recordings of Coaching Calls: Revisit lessons to reinforce learning and continue development.


  • Professional Certification: Earn a certificate and logo to validate your expertise and enhance your professional stature.


  • Career Opportunities: Qualify for recommendations and ongoing business support from the college.




Join the "Eternal Soul Advanced Mediumship" Professional Certification Course Today



Are you ready to transform your mediumship practice and achieve new heights in spiritual communication?



Enroll now and begin your journey to becoming a professional medium with expert guidance and comprehensive training.




Start Any Time - Complete Anywhere - Global Access




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Eternal Soul Mediumship + Mentoring

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