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The Psychic Mediumship College,
Where Doors are Opened and Lives are Changed. 

Take your abilities to the next level through a catalogue of diverse, credible online courses that offer personal coaching, highly-detailed modules, and an eye-opening curriculum you won’t find elsewhere. Work at your own pace as you refine and accelerate your intuitive abilities through ethical and integrity-driven coursework that unlocks your utmost spiritual potential.

Join a global community, uniting minds from Australia, USA, Canada, Norway, Lebanon, and worldwide. Your transformative journey starts here.

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Key Dates

Enrolment Closes

The Eternal Soul Mediumship           

28th August 2024

Channelling Course

25th July 2024

Psychic Development Circle            

11th June 2024

Medical Intuitive Healing Course

 3rd Oct 2024

Note: Dates do not apply to mentoring certification courses

Certification Programs


Level 1 -

INTUITION AMPLIFIED COURSE provides the foundation knowledge of the psychic world, working with psychic energy and the spirit world. This course suits beginners or intermediates who have gaps in their knowledge.

intuition amplified course


Certificate Course
For Beginners
Level 1

Discover the untapped potential within yourself by exploring the depths of your intuition through our comprehensive interactive course on Intuition development.

Unleash your inner wisdom and enhance your natural abilities as you delve deeper into this fascinating subject matter.

psychic reading course

Psychic Certification Course
Intermediate Level
Level 2

Unlock your full potential by mastering the art of psychic readings - without relying on any tools.

Whether for personal growth or professional advancement, you can take charge and confidently provide psychic guidance to yourself and those around you.

Step into your power and connect with Spirit like never before.

eternal soul course

Advanced Certification Course
Intermadiate - Advance
Level 3

Experience a deeper connection with the Spirit world and your loved ones who have passed on through mediumship. 

With our in-depth instruction, you'll learn to expand your spiritual awareness and strengthen your communication with the other side.

Take the first step towards a more profound understanding of the afterlife.


Certificate Course

Healing Therapy


Dive deep into the mystical realms as you learn to decode the language of mediumship for animals, explore timelines and past lives, dive deep into intuit health, delve into the intricate world of chakras and advance aura readings, master the art of soul reading, unravel the mysteries of numerology, and gain access to the profound wisdom of the Akashic Records.

Business course.png

Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Unlock Your Spiritual Business Potential over 12 in-depth modules.

Elevate your spiritual business and impact the world. Whether you are just starting or looking to expand, we have accumulated years of professional experience to create this in-depth course to help you succeed.

Planet and Moon

The Universe WITHIN

Our course offers a gateway to channeling spirits and transcendent beings, granting you access to profound wisdom and new teachings from the cosmic beyond. Learn the sacred art of connecting with spirits, angels, and other celestial entities, unlocking a treasure trove of enlightenment and higher knowledge. Join the wait list to reserve your spot

Healing Certificate Course

Enjoying the Ourdoors

Level 1

Experience a transformative journey toward holistic growth, healing, and soul connection, tailored to your unique needs.

Rediscover your true self and unlock your full potential to become the best version of yourself.

Take the first step towards mastering your mind today.


 MEDICAL Intuitive
Level 2

Discover the intricate art of repairing chakras, harness the power of quantum healing, release past life traumas lingering in the soul's tapestry, explore the transformative energies of crystal healing, harmonize with the resonance of sound healing, master the techniques of aura repairs, and journey through timelines to heal the past and shape a harmonious future. 

Reiki Therapy

Pathways to Healing

Level 3

Discover the transformative power of Advanced Metaphysical Healing in our comprehensive course. Explore karma, soul contracts, ancestral trauma, and more as you learn to release emotional trauma stored in the body. Gain tools for deep spiritual healing and personal growth. Start your journey to enlightenment and freedom—enroll now to reshape your destiny!

Diploma & Private Mentoring

Business Consultation


Dive into a fast-paced, knowledge-packed adventure with our two exclusive mentoring options tailored to transform your spiritual journey. For an intense, immersive experience, our "Drink From A Fire Hose" program, spanning five sessions, is your ticket to absorbing knowledge like a sponge.  Seeking a comprehensive, soul-stirring transformation? Our Ultimate 6-Month Spiritual Awakening Journey is your gateway to an all-encompassing mentorship. Covering psychic energy, mediumship, and profound soul connections, this exclusive program leaves no facet unexplored.

Graduates Holding Diplomas


Embark on a transformative 18-month Psychic Mediumship Diploma, a private mentoring program designed for those aspiring to become professional psychics and mediums. Craft your course by selecting from a diverse range of electives such as medical intuition, psychic detection, healing, life coaching, and more, tailoring your specialization within these captivating subjects. With 30 meticulously curated mentoring sessions, this comprehensive program delves into the mysteries of psychic energy, guiding you through an immersive exploration of your innate mediumship abilities. 

Laying on Grass


Understanding the complexities of children with psychic abilities isn't easy, but as a psychic medium and a parent on a similar journey, I've walked this path.


I've supported numerous families over a decade, offering insights, tools, and the understanding needed to nurture and guide these extraordinary young minds.

If you're seeking genuine support and knowledge for your child's extraordinary experiences, our service is here to provide the guidance and assistance you're looking for.


On-Demand Master Classes

tools to lift your energy master class image.png


Discover the joy that lies within the simplest of experiences when you approach life with the right energy.

Become more mindful of your daily encounters with an emphasize on abundance. Whilst gaining skills to tackle obstacles with a positive attitude.


parentping psychic kids master class.png


As a parent of a psychic child, you face unique challenges that others may not understand. 

Learn to overcome common challenges associated with each psychic child archetype, equipping yourself with essential knowledge and tools as you embrace the amazing gifts of your psychic kids. 

master class meditation image


Discover the truth about meditation: it's not a one-size-fits-all solution. 

Explore and learn various meditation styles and mindfulness techniques.


Take the time to discover what works best for you and unlock the full potential of your mind and body.

Friends Talking Outside


Balance, repair and energize your chakras and unlock emotional harmony, creativity, and spiritual alignment.


Discover the power of chakra alignment in our transformative 7-module course, including a meditation and 31-page eBook!

energetic protection master class.png


Whether you are a spiritual seeker, an energetically sensitive individual, or simply seeking to raise your awareness, our powerful energy protection rituals and grounding methods can help.

Don't wait any longer to tap into the transformative power of energy awareness. Start your journey today.

oracle cards master class image.png


Elevate your spiritual journey with our transformative course on connecting with Spirit through the art of Oracle card reading.

With our expert guidance, you will learn various card spreads and receive invaluable tips and prompts for conducting readings. 

chakra master class image.png


Balance, repair and energize your chakras and unlock emotional harmony, creativity, and spiritual alignment.


Discover the power of chakra alignment in our transformative 7-module course, including a meditation and 31-page eBook!

akashic records master class image.png


Learn how to dive into the Cosmic Library! Gain access to timeless wisdom, clarity, and guidance that transcend lifetimes.

Imagine a serene journey as you unlock the gateway to the Akashic Records, a boundless source of universal knowledge. 

Master Class WIX Website Size Images (1).png


Delve into the realms of your intuition, unraveling the mysteries that lie within, and experiencing ways to amplify your Intuition. Join us for a captivating journey through our masterclass, 'Develop Your Intuition,' curated to help guide you towards a heightened state of self-awareness and intuitive mastery.

Master Class WIX Website Size Images.png


Step into the unknown, explore your hidden talents, and embrace new experiences with open arms. Trust in the universe's wisdom and open your heart to its subtle signs. Empowering yourself with the ability to manifest your desires is truly liberating.  If you've been hesitating, this is your moment to step boldly into your spiritual journey.

Signing a Contract


Discover one of the Karmic Keys to your destiny, Soul Contracts! Explore the complexities of everything that is involved within our contracts.

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. Join us for an immersive master class inspired by the groundbreaking event, Karmic Keys: Soul Contracts Explored.

spirit guide free master cclass.png


 Are you ready to explore the profound wisdom of spirit guides, unlocking spiritual insights and personal growth?


Dive into our exclusive 5-day Spirit Guide Mastery Course, meticulously crafted by seasoned spiritual master teacher Bronwyn Jane

What People Say About Studying With Us

Development Pathways


Psychic Development Circle

6 x 90min Group classes with practice exercises. Learn more...


Master Classes

Study on demand with our master classes' specialty topics - Oracle Card reading, Learn How To Meditate, Embracing Psychic Kids, Raise Your Vibration & Peace Protection. Start from $44aud Learn more...

Level 1

Intuition Amplified Course

This course provides a foundational understanding of intuition and psychic development, including the different types of psychic abilities and techniques for developing and strengthening your own abilities. This course is ideal for those starting their spiritual journey. Our course consists of written content, workbooks, meditations, audio and video tutorials + 4 group coaching sessions. Learn more...

Level 2

Intuit Psychic Certificate & Certification Courses

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced psychic, our program will help you hone your abilities and take them to the next level. Our program includes a range of written content, handouts, exercises, meditations, and audio and video tutorials, all designed to guide you through the process of developing your psychic awareness, and technical psychic reading skills. By the end of this program, you will understand how to translate psychic energy. Our program also includes 6 group coaching sessions. Learn more...

Level 3

The Eternal Soul Mediumship Certificate & Certification Courses

Trust your connection with spirit and develop your mediumship gifts with our comprehensive program. This one-of-a-kind certificate course includes extensive written content, handouts, meditations, audio and video tutorials, and 8 group coaching sessions to guide you through the process. On completion of this course, you will be able to receive and understand messages from the spirit world and provide an authentic healing reading. Learn more...


Psychic and Mediumship Professional Diploma 

Develop your psychic or mediumship abilities to an exceptionally high ethical and professional level. Through in-depth personalized mentoring development diploma over 18 months. Whereby conjunction with obtaining professional psychic and mediumship reading skills you will unlock your niche and reading specialties. Receive individual coaching on your readings to reach your full potential.

Choose from electives to curate your design course including such things as medical intuitive, psychic detection and forensic mediumship, channeling, or even business for spiritual entrepreneurs. Bespoke technical enhancement of your gifts unlike anywhere else. Graduates of this course are industry leaders. Learn more...


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