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Stop being scared of ghosts in your home

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Ghost in my house

If you asking this question then something is happening. Whether it be as simple as that you're becoming more sensitive to energy. Or physical phenomena have/are occurring in space.

When determining if a location is holding energy the first objective is to ascertain the energy source. The most common is a loved one in spirit. Other energy sources manifest through thoughts and emotions known as Jinns. Alternatively, energy may be attached to the location i.e. previous homeowner. Lastly, energy with no association with occupants or location.

Once the energy type has been ascertained the next step is to determine why the energy is present. Energy cannot be cleared, and transmitted with lasting results without understanding the "why". Your loved one in spirit may be present to help during a difficult situation. Alternatively, energy connected to the location due to history may have unresolved traumas that need to be resolved. Jinns form when space is exposed to lower frequency energy like negative thoughts and actions. Therefore for lasting results, we need to consider the behaviours of those who occupy the space. So, before we assume our home is haunted let us identify the WHY things are happening.

Loved ones in Spirit pop in to support, as required. Once they're no longer needed they'll move on. Come back to visit when and if required.....just like they would before passing. Energy manifested through negative thoughts, actions, and vibrations is easily transmuted and transmitted (cleared) using traditional indigenous clearing methods like smoke clearing with white sage & prayers. Alternatively, it can be cleared with quantum energy practices. That being said, clearing this energy form is only effective for current energy. New low-frequency energy will form again if the people occupying the space repeat the behaviours that originally manifested the energy. To resolve long-term occupants need to consider how to heal which in turn changes behaviour.

Once these common energies have been ruled out we can explore the history of the location or if a different situation is occurring. When resolving the issue of a previous owner connected to the property a medium would ascertain through connection and communication with spirit "why" they are still connected to the location. Then work with the Spirit to facilitate the transition from this world to the next.

Lastly, a specialist medium or parapsychologist would be required to resolve energy in a space with no previous connection. As it can be a little more complex to transmute and parapsychology protocols should be followed. In these cases, professional energetic clearing may be required.

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