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Psychic Kids - Be careful what you wish for!

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

What about when it stops being entertaining ............ AND gets REAL!

Psychic Kids

I've often witnessed parents excitingly disclaiming their young child has been talking or playing with dearly departed “grandma". Whilst we all consider our children special with many labeled "gifted" for a multitude of reasons, this is not one of those occasions. If this sounds like you sorry to burst your bubble. But this occurrence truly isn’t unique. Children are open to interrupting energies well before verbal understanding and communication skills are fully developed. Consider how a baby responds when a parent is tense, crying, or being unsettled in response to the parent's energy. Being open to energy creates the opportunity for children to connect with the energy in our world and beyond.

Whilst, I acknowledge it can be exciting when your child exclaims "Grandma is in the kitchen standing next to you". This ability is not uncommon. That being said, most children close down their connections in early childhood. Closing down the connection during their school years enables children to navigate our 3D world. To be present in this world to learn, develop friendships and social skills; and have all the normal experiences we want for our children. But for those children whose energy sensitivity remains childhood can be tough as they maneuver their way through schooling and beyond. It's not a walk-in park for the rest of the family either. With frustration and fear occurring due to a lack of understanding.

Why do some children stay open when others don’t?

There are many reasons why a child's connection may close down. Cultural, religious, social & family beliefs, as well as education, can all impact. The purpose of the connection may also determine if and when someone closes down i.e to provide validation a soul is eternal i.e grandma is still around, maybe it’s to guide someone on a path of discovery. Or maybe when your child is an adult they’ll use their abilities to enhance the lives of others. Whatever the case may be, parenting a psychic child has fascists other parents don't encounter.

What happens when it stops being cute and starts impacting home and school?

Now, a child's connection often starts very innocently with family or light beings interaction. Word can spread quickly on the other side, so what happens when a Spirit your child doesn't recognize manifests in the hallway or their bedroom at night? Maybe spirits show themselves as they appear in their last moments demonstrating how they passed. All of a sudden going to the toilet at night or falling asleep for your 8-year-old is on a whole new level. Do you know Spirit law?

Your 6-year-old child has unexplained knowledge, and a keen interest in a period of history, activities, or certain events. They are fascinated by a subject matter not normally associated with their age. After a discussion with your child, it's clear a Spirit friend is driving the fascination. Spirit may want to relive or continue to enjoy something from this life. How do you work with Spirit to limit your child's exposure?

Consider your academic child is now distracted in class, the teacher reports a lack of focus with grades dropping. When you speak with your child it becomes apparent a Spirit friend is accompanying your child to class. Maybe the Spirit friend also joins your child in the playground. Your child is disengaging with their peers, losing friends, or being teased because he/she is "talking to themselves". Their Spirit friend is kind, encouraging, and fun. They prefer to be with Spirit than classmates, what do you do?

What about the day your 10-year-old is late coming home from school? When you ask, excitedly your child pulls out of their pocket an old coin. Explaining their Spirit friend guided them to Parkland where he/she found the antique coin. What were the significance of this event, the coin, and this Spirit to your child? How do you enforce boundaries with the Spirit world?

How do you manage when your exhausted teenager finally rises from bed to explain that all night unknown Spirits were in their bedroom seeking help? Can you determine if it's a soul seeking simply mediumship or something more like a lost soul, messed soul, or detached soul? If so, what do you do?

Or maybe your teen receives predictive visions of natural disasters or crimes causing mass casualties. They feel it's their responsibility to intervene or report the crimes. Can you explain soul contracts and generational karmic events or patterns?

People assume it's wonderful knowing what's coming. True, sometimes it helps avoid unpleasant situations. But you can know too much. Knowledge is responsibility. Consider knowing someone you love is going to pass soon but they don't know their time is near. This is a heavy burden for any age. How do you manage this situation without influencing lives or creating karma?

Maybe your child talks about seeing colours around people, their aura. To be able to visually interrupt how someone is feeling before you interact is a useful tool. An aura is far more than a coloured "bubble around the body" containing extensive energetic information. Therefore, if your child mentions more details, explore. Maybe they are seeing holes & tares in different energetic bodies. Or even people Earth Star, Transpersonal point, Soul Star, or unknowingly access their Dimensional Chakras finding it confronting because it looks different.

Understanding the concept of a soul contract and free will may help encourage young adults when they've been shown their future.

Do you understand the impact of drugs and alcohol on our aura? Or how do these substances influence connection with Spirit?

When friends or family learn of your child's spiritual connection they can view them differently. Some may judge, and others may put him/her on a pedestal or take advantage. Strategies are needed for both situations to ensure self-esteem remains appropriate and protected.

Like with all energy there are 2 sides, positive and not so positive. Not every Spirit energy wants the best for us. Do you have protection protocols for your child and home? How do you determine if it's Grandma getting your attention because you've been ignoring her other signs or something else?

I wish every child's experience with Spirit was filled with butterflies and playing with "grandma" in the kitchen. But the truth is, the more connected someone is, the greater the potential for a variety of experiences. If your child is connected to the Spirit world parenting challenges may present. Your child's abilities will be influenced by how these are managed. Whilst it may seem daunting with knowledge, understanding, and nurturing you can guide your child and family. There is a reason why it is happening, you may not currently know the answer to WHY but embrace it. With the correct support, lives will be enhanced.

NOTE: Spirit connections may close down and then re-awaken in puberty.


The intention of this post is not to offend. But I know some people will still be offended. If you’re one of those people then I ask you to consider what part upsets and why?

Are you that parent, that thinks their child's connection is entertainment or a reason to brag? Does it shine a light on elements you may not wish to acknowledge, bring fears to the surface, and challenge beliefs? If these present then consider sitting with WHY do I feel this way, as it's your "choice" to feel what you feel.

Blessing x

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